The Pond

Moving to Tennessee seems hard, especially when you have to break up with your boyfriend, leave your friends, and your mother.
After meeting the hottest boy in town Wren must decide whether to stay with him and get sucked into the drama or break up with him and have a fun high school experience.


6. Busted

The next few days were perfect, nothing could go wrong, but I always watched my back. Rylee and Kennedy were always with me if Cody wasn't, but he usually was. I hadn't seen Alexis in days so that was a good thing. The moment I had realized that Alexis had gone into the shadows, I knew something was up. This was NOT going to end well. 

During class one morning I was staring off into space while Carter was rambling on and on about how he met Miley Cyrus at the mall when he was 12. Where was I from? California. I had seen her many times before. The loud speaker went on and the principal started talking, "Wren Taylor please report to the front office. Wren Taylor." 

Wait- that was me! Finally I wouldn't have to hear about what shirt Miley had been wearing. Shit. I was just called to the principal's office. I grabbed my books and headed down the hallway. As I opened the door Alexis sat in the left chair sobbing.

"Sit down," Said Mr. McConner, "Now." I sat down.

Mr. McConner straightened his tie and sat down as well, "Can you explain this?" He asked holding up a bag of pot. 

I sat there silent with my jaw wide open. "Answer me Wren."

"That's not mine." I croaked.

"Then how come Alexis here says that you sold it to her?" He asked me.

"I- I don't know."

"Well you must know something." He argued.

Then it dawned on me.

"That's not mine. I never wanted it, but Alexis was trying to sell it to me a few days ago. As a welcoming present."

"How come we found it in your backpack?"

I stood up. "You what?! I never bought that! Alexis knows my combination! She must have opened my locker and put it in."

Mr. McConner looked at Alexis, "Is that true?" He asked her.

Alexis looked away with tears in her eyes. 

"Wren you may leave," Mr. McConner said angrily, "Alexis, you and I have a lot of talking to do."


I left the room and decided to ditch the rest of school. I headed down to the waterfall and waited until 3:20 to start heading home. 

Hey Alexis, just so you know, the games have only just begun. You can't give up... Yet.

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