The Pond

Moving to Tennessee seems hard, especially when you have to break up with your boyfriend, leave your friends, and your mother.
After meeting the hottest boy in town Wren must decide whether to stay with him and get sucked into the drama or break up with him and have a fun high school experience.


4. Alexis


It had been about a month since my dad and I had moved to Tennessee. I spent most of my days walking around town and being quite. I hadn’t met many people yet. Mostly neighbors and their kids, but the kids were much younger than me, or a few years older. I hadn’t talked to Cody since we kissed. I wasn’t planning on it either, the only thing was, I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

         I was walking down town when I saw his red truck parked outside of the hardware store. A little bell rang as I walked into the store. I saw Cody from behind a recognized him instantly.

“Cody!” I blurted.

He turned around. “Oh. Uh. Hey.”

Shit, I thought, he doesn’t remember my name.

“Wren.” I reminded him.

“Right, Wren. How’ve you been?”

“Pretty good, still getting used to it here.”

“I bet.”

“Yeah.” I replied awkwardly

“Uh, well I’m running late for work. I’ll see you around.”

Cody picked up a brown paper bag and walked out of the store. I waited a minute before I walked out. I stuffed my hands in the back pockets of my shorts and kicked a pebble with my cowgirl boots that I decided to get one time in San Francisco. Of course I have them to wear in the country.

I walked down the main road and watched as it turned into gravel. I took a left turn down the same road Cody and I had gone that one day. I walked in between trees, listening to the waterfall’s soothing beat. My foot landed on a warm rock. I took off my clothes and jumped in. I ran my fingers through my hair feeling the only dry parts become damp.

The sun slowly went down and I finally got out. I checked my phone. One text message from Cody, one text from my dad, and three missed calls from an unknown number. I dialed the number at let it ring twice before someone answered.

“Hello?” said a girl’s voice on the other line.

“Hi. Uhm. You called?”

“Oh right! Is this Wren?”

“Yeah. Who is this?”

“I’m Alexis. Keep your hands off of Cody, ok?” she said sourly.

“Of course I will. Are you his girlfriend or something?”

“Meet me at the coffee shop on Harris. 7 pm sharp. Don’t be late.” With that Alexis hung up.

         It was about 6:45 so I had to hurry and get dressed. I was soaking wet. My shirt wasn’t even on yet, but I started running down the street. I was wearing shorts, cowgirl boots, and a bra. Laughing at how stupid I looked, I didn’t remember where I was going. I reached the main road, put my shirt on and searched for Harris.

         I reached the coffee shop on Harris and stood there, waiting for any girl I could find. My target was a blonde haired blue-eyed bitch. That’s how I pictured Alexis. I could be wrong, but that’s what I imagined. I checked my phone; the clock read 6:59. Then it struck 7. I looked up and saw three girls.



         The three girls stood in a V formation. I was guessing that the girl the stood from of the two brunettes was Alexis. She was tall, tan, blonde, and to top it off, she had blue eyes.

“So, your Wren.” She finally said.

“Yep. You must be Alexis.” I replied.

“That’s me.” she smiled and turned to the other girls. “Funny how Cody likes this piece of shit.”

“Excuse me?” I exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry, did you hear that?”

         I hated this girl. Fake country bitch.

“Uh, yeah, I did.”

Alexis laughed.

“What’s up with you and Cody?” I asked her.

What’s up with me and Cody? Honey, he’s taken.”

         I fell silent. Had I really kissed a boy that was taken? And now I’m with his girlfriend who must have found out from someone other than him. I feel terrible! But at the same time, I didn’t like Alexis.

“Helloooooo?” Alexis was waving her hand in front of my face.

“What? Oh sorry.”

“Awe did your little heart break? Don’t cry Wren, Cody’s not worth the tears. He does this to every new girl.”

“Maybe even a few guys.” Mumbled one of the girls behind her.

Alexis turned around stamping her foot on the ground. “Shut up Amber!”


         I didn’t have time for this. My dad probably wanted me home, the first day of school was on Monday and it was Saturday.

“Ok. Why did you want me here?” I asked Alexis.

“I want you here to tell you that you have no chance of being with Cody. First of all, he’s too popular for you. Second, he’s with me. Third, he’s a year older than you. Fourth, he doesn’t even like you!”

“Ok. Thanks, I get it. I’ll see you at school.”

“Ugh you bitch!” she screamed.

         I walked away. I couldn’t help but cry a little bit. Three girls at school already hated me. This is not a good way to start off the year. I thought about seeing Cody earlier. He had ignored me. Wait! I remembered seeing his truck; come to think of it there was a girl in the passengers seat. Blonde. Alexis.


         I pulled out my phone and called Cody. He answered immediately.




“Hey, its me, Wren.”

“Oh hey Wren.”

“Cody, I need to talk to you.”

“Now’s not a great time…”

“Please?” I begged.

“Ok fine.”

“7:30, the waterfall.”

“See you then.” He said and I hung up.


         I had just arrived at the waterfall when I saw Cody’s truck. He was in it waiting for me. I walked around the back of it and climbed into the seat next to him. He looked over at me.

“Alexis.” I said.


“Yeah. Forgot to tell me about her, huh?”

“We weren’t together then.”

“Then why is she so mad about it?”

“Because she saw you at the hardware store and thought you were pretty. She knew that we had kissed, but she didn’t care until she actually saw you.” He explained.

“Is that why you were acting like you didn’t know me, because she was in the car?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, you did it to protect yourself.”

“And you.” He whispered.

“Thanks for that.”

He paused, “Your welcome.”

         I started to get out of the car, but he reached across the seat and grabbed my arm. I shook him off and closed the door behind me. That didn’t stop him. Cody got out of the car.


I turned and looked at him, “Yeah?”

“I have feelings for you.”

“Cody… I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Alexis is using me, she doesn’t like me. I don’t like her.”

“And your letting her do that?”

“I guess I am.”


“I’m going to break up with her.” He told me.

“Good for you.”

“I’m leaving her for you.” He said.

Moonlight lit up his face as he walked towards me. We were close; he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in for a kiss. I didn’t pull away. I was too comfortable. 

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