The Pond

Moving to Tennessee seems hard, especially when you have to break up with your boyfriend, leave your friends, and your mother.
After meeting the hottest boy in town Wren must decide whether to stay with him and get sucked into the drama or break up with him and have a fun high school experience.


1. The Pond


Sunrays hit my legs, a warm feeling rushing through my body. A loud splash came from the other side of the pond, water droplets hit my cheeks and I looked up to see the little annoying kid who got me soaked. I tucked my dirty-blonde hair behind ear and took my headphones out of them. A little boy ran past me erasing the image of the others who had gotten me wet. I put my headphones back in my ears and lay down under the sun.

         Twenty minutes after I had noticed I was sunburned, my dad’s white Mercedes pulled up in the dirt lot. I got up out of one of the old plastic lawn chairs that the staff put out by the pond and heard my back crack. I slipped on my flip-flops and walked out into the lot to meet my dad. I opened the car door and climbed in with him. As we pulled away from the pond, I realized how much I was going to miss the pond after we moved. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and then at my dad. We had the same expression crossed over our faces. Longing.

         I had had my first birthday at the pond. I learned how to swim at the pond. We had barbeques there every summer, and went ice-skating in the winter. I even had my first kiss at the pond. The neighborhood grew up there. Leaving the pond was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.


         The car took a right turn on Harbor Avenue and pulled into our driveway. As I got out of the car I took a look at the house, I only had one hour until we left for Tennessee. I walked up the front steps and opened the front door and took a deep breathe of the aroma in our house. I ran my fingers along the old paint on the walls as I walked up to my room.

         When I was 9 my mom filed a divorce from my dad. She moved two blocks away from us, but lost custody of me. I never go over there. Sometimes I run into her though, at restaurants and the mall. She’s never tried to fight to get me back. I don’t care about it as much as I used to. The only nice thing she ever did for me was leave.

         The day was emotional, leaving the pond and the house that I practically grew up in. I know I’m only 16 but two more years and I would have been out of there. Before I went to the pond, I stopped by the supermarket to get gum and a Gatorade. I walked in five feet and heard a woman’s voice call my name.


I turned around to see my mother. She ran up to me swarming me with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I stood there with my arms glued to my body, dreading every second of this so called ‘motherly love.’ My mother pulled away when she realized I didn’t enjoy this at all.

“So,” she said, “I heard you and David were moving to Tennessee.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “We are.”

My mom stared at me. She looked as though she were searching for the right words.

“If you want,” she began, “You—you could stay with me. I mean if you want to stay here with your friends until high schools over.”

I could have considered this, but if I stayed here that would mean leaving my dad and staying here with her. With this.

“No that’s ok. I’m excited to go!” I lied.

She sighed and put her hands on my shoulders. “Think about it. Ok?”

“Ok.” I whispered and shrugged her hands off.


         As I sat on the floor of my room looking back on memories, I remembered saying goodbye to my friends back at school, and my boyfriend Jack. A knock came from downstairs. I ran down the stairs and threw the door open.

Jack stood there, looking at me.

“Hey.” He said


“So are you getting ready to go?” He asked.

“No, not yet, my dads procrastinating as usual.” I replied

Jack smiled. I looked into his eyes, feeling worse than I already had.

“I still love you.” He blurted.


“I know. You’re leaving. You’re moving to Tennessee. I can’t do anything about that. I know you had to end things with me, but have you ever tried a long distance relationship?”

“No,” I said, “I haven’t.”

“Well you always can.”

I stood behind the door trying hard not to cry. I knew Jack loved me. I really did.

“Not with you.” I said, my voice cracking as a tear rolled down my cheek.

“I love you though,” he said tears in his eyes as well, “Wren, please.”

My dads voice came from the empty house saying it was time to go.

“I have to go.” I said to Jack.

He stayed right where he was. With my baggage in hand, I made my way to the car. We made a left turn on Harbor Avenue and disappeared. I looked behind me, at Jack, at my dad, at the town, at my tears in the mirror. 

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