It Was Different before You

She talked to no one. No talk to her. Thats how 15 year-old Birdie went about High school. And she liked it like that way, because if she talked she knew all that would come out is anger. Anger at the world, Anger at herself, but mostly, anger at her broken family. Only child, Abbusive father, oh, and my mother who drinks every night shivering, because of health problems. But whatever, she hates her parents, life and everything about it. But he's different.... yeah, different.....


2. Him

When Birdie woke she didn't remember what happened. Until she blinked a few times, & then remembered everything. Ignoring stepdad, being slapped, yelling, punched in the gut, yep, it was all coming back to her. She looked around expecting to be on the floor, but to her surprise, she wasn't. She was in a hospital bed. In a hospital room. In a hospital. She had these sticky wires going up her arm. Beside her was her stepdad, Sam. In this really tiny chair. If anything, she would expect her mother in that chair. Her stepdad? Not so much. "Sam?" She said in a surprised voice. He jumped up with a surprised look on her face. 'Hm. Maybe scared. Yep, scared', she thought. "Birdie!! Are you all right!? You have to be more careful when you move furniture! I can't believe you dropped that television on your stomach!" Then, he did the most scariest thing Sam would ever do to Birdie. HE. HUGGED. HER. Mixed emotions inside her churned. Hard. Like her stomach was making ice cream out of her guts. 'Does my stepfather *gulp* love me? Does he just beat me senselessly because he takes his anger out on me? Does he actually care about me, he just needed to see me about to taken from him to show it? Wait did he say I dropped a television on my gut? He probably just said that so he could take me home and treat me better!' She thought. Birdie felt her heart soften from the hard, black, cold, rock it was now. Now, it was more like styrofoam. Hard, solid, & yet if you went to break it,you could. She thought is was sickening. And the worst part of it? He hasn't let go. Then, Someone started speaking, and Birdie broke out of her trance. It wasn't Sam, it was another person. There was a nurse in the room.

"Awww, isn't that so sweet. Your Father, took you all the way to the hospital just because you were sick!" Birdie's smile quickly faded. She understood. She understood everything. He was just putting on a show. He just needed a fake story that he could tell the hospital, so he wouldn't get arrested for beating on me. 'He didn't care about me, nor does he love me.' She thought. Se felt her turn back into the hard, black, rock it was before. And she liked it that way. That day she vowed never to let anyone in her heart. Even if they did care about me. I wont care about them.

"Mr.Red? Can I see you in the waiting room for a minute? " said the nurse.

"Um, I guess." said Sam. And they walked out the room. That's when     Birdie saw him. This boy, about her age, he just walked up to her door, and stared at Birdie, for about a full minute. And then just walked off. Thats it. 'weird' Birdie thought. Birdie could swear he winked, but why would he wink at her? He didn't know her, and Birdie certainly doesn't know him! Does she? No! But that face sure does trigger some memory... But from where??                                      

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