It Was Different before You

She talked to no one. No talk to her. Thats how 15 year-old Birdie went about High school. And she liked it like that way, because if she talked she knew all that would come out is anger. Anger at the world, Anger at herself, but mostly, anger at her broken family. Only child, Abbusive father, oh, and my mother who drinks every night shivering, because of health problems. But whatever, she hates her parents, life and everything about it. But he's different.... yeah, different.....


1. Broken

Broken. That's the one word Birdie would use to describe her home. If you could qualify it as a home. Birdie thought of it more like a jail chamber. "BIRDIE! GET YOURSELF DOWN HERE!" Ugh. Last night was one of her mom's "bad" drinking nights, so her stepdad is getting her to school. She ignores him, and rolls over. "BIRDIE!IKNOW YOU HEAR ME!YOU BETTER GET DOWN HEAR, OR YOUR GOING TO HAVE A REAL BAD DAY!!" Yeah, like she doesn't every day living in this mental hospital. She ignores him again, this time with a big sly, grin on her face. Now she hears heavy, furious footsteps coming up our creaky stairs, oh well. She'll probably just get slapped, that's the least worst. Her door swings open. "Birdie! Didn't you hear me calling!?! Get your tail out of that darn bed!!" This time she listened and got up. "Sorry, Sam, I didn't here ya'" she said fluttering her innocent looking green eyes of hers. He slaps her for this. Very hard. She's smiling to herself for this.( She always smiles when she's guesses right the punishment. That's how use she is to it.) But thats not all he gave her. So thats why Birdie was surprised when he bawled his fist up, then slammed her in the gut. Even harder than the slap. WAY harder than the slap. So hard, that her vision started to fade on and off. And before she knew it, She was out, like Boxer who just lost her match.   


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