Can We Fall (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Maisy was trying to make things work- she really was. She was working hard to graduate, pushing away a social life in the process. She was trying to help her sister, Rose, who was dating Cory, a total jerk and cheater. She was also trying not to fall in love, believing that it would prove too much of a distraction. And she was right. When she meets Harry on a rainy day at Disneyland, will she choose a the life where she is at the top of her class with a supportive family, or the life where she is truely happy, with the one who she loves?


6. Focusing On School



“Sure.” Was all she said as she picked up her books and walked off to her room.

“Alright! Where shall we go?” I followed her down the hall.

Maisy dropped her stuff down on the desk and turned to me, smirking. “You really should plan before you ask a girl to dinner.”

“It’s spontaneous.” I smirked at her and she only shook her head. “So, Maisy, is there anywhere we could go?”

“The Pitfire Pizza Company is pretty cool.” Maisy leaned against her bed and crossed her arms. She looked so cute when she was thinking.

“Let’s do it then!” I open the door for her and wave her through. She bows to me before leaving her room, a smile playing on her lips.

“Rose! I’m going out with Harry!” Maisy yells to her sister, who had disappeared with her boyfriend when Niall and I got here. We walked out to my car that was parked in her driveway, and I helped her in before I made my way over to the driver’s side.

“Such a gentleman.” Maisy teased, buckling in beside me.

“My mother taught me well.” I pulled out of the driveway, Maisy giving me directions to the restaurant. Every so often I would glance over at her as she talked- just to look at her. The way she tucked her red hair behind her ear without realizing it, the way her body shook with silent laughter, they way her blue eyes shined when they looked over at me- everything about Maisy screamed perfection.

The restaurant was only a short drive away, and the whole time we talked. Maisy told me about her hopes for the future, and the many dream jobs she wished for. She wanted to be a special education teacher at first, then moved on to a child psychologist, and now a nurse.

I parked at the restaurant and we walked in; Maisy was now telling me about school. She told me the classes she was taking, what she had to do to get into the college of her dreams, and how she was managing to do all of this while staying partly sane.

If I had been with any other girl, I would have zoned out long ago. But with Maisy, I just loved to hear her speak. The way she moved her hands when she told stories and the way smiled when she talked, it all made it worthwhile.

Still on the subject of school, one thing Maisy says catches my attention.

“All I need to focus on right now is graduating, getting a scholarship and getting out of California- that means no social life, no fun, and no boys.”

No boys? None at all? What about me? What about the plans I have for us?

Maisy didn’t notice my dilemma; instead she continued to eat her pizza.

If she wasn’t focusing on boys, did that mean that to her I’m just a friend? That this was just a casual dinner with a friend?

Because, in my mind, we were something more- the way we had gotten along so well when we met, how even the boys liked her, and how my heart thumped faster in my chest, showed me that I definitely thought more of her. To me, this wasn’t just a casual outing.

How could I get to her to see what I was feeling?

Dinner ended quicker than I had wanted, sending Maisy and I off to the car. On the ride to her house, I had more input in the conversation. Maisy had asked me how my life in England was, what my family was like. I could see her smile next to me when I told her about my little home town and life before fame.

In almost no time I find myself standing with Maisy at her front door, saying our goodbyes.

How could I make her see me as more than a friend?





I stood there, on my front porch, with Harry in front of me. It looked like he wanted to say something to me, but I bet it was nothing compared to what I wanted to tell him.

I liked Harry- a lot.

But I couldn’t tell him so close to graduation. It could ruin everything. I had been working so hard to graduate from high school at the top of my class so that I could win a scholarship and leave. If I told him how I was feeling, all of that would go out the window.

I had to forget this feeling in my stomach. If I told him, I would neglect my schoolwork. For once, my heart would become a bigger part of my life than my brain. And, honestly, that scared me.

I turn my gaze to the door knob, hopefully showing Harry that I had to go. But when I looked back up, I saw that he had taken a step forward. The distance between us was now dangerously small. Harry takes another step closer.

“Harry!” I stop him. “I’m sorry, I really am, but I can’t.”

I take a step back, and it hurts me to see the amount of hurt in his eyes. “I how you heard me back at the restaurant, I saw that look on your face. Harry, no boys- not until I graduate. My future is on the line.”

With that, I opened the front door and walked inside, giving Harry one last glance.

This is it, I thought. This is the last time I’ll ever see him. He’ll never want to see me again after the way I just treated him. But this had to happen.

This had to happen, I reminded myself.

If it had to happen, then why did it feel so wrong?





I walked back to my car, so many emotions rushing through me.

Had I read the signals wrong? Did she really not like me? Or did she just choose an education over me?

I drove home, thinking this all over. What was I supposed to do?

I walked inside, locking the door behind me. I through my keys on the counter and switched on the kitchen light. All this worrying was making me hungry.

“So,” Louis said from the living room. He switched the TV off and walked in the kitchen. “How did it go? I’m presuming that you did suck up the courage to ask her on that date.”

“It was alright.” I grabbed a can of whip cream from the fridge and sprayed some on my mouth.

Louis wiggled his eyebrows. “Well, I guess the kiss made up for everything.”

I swallowed the whip cream and threw the can back in the fridge. “There was no kiss.”

“NO KISS?! Harry Styles, the notorious lady charmer, couldn’t get a kiss?!” He sighed, leaning against the counter. “Wow, you must like this girl more than we all thought.”

“What do you mean?” I shut the fridge door and turned to him, pulling myself up on the counter.

“If she refused your kiss and you’re still bummed about it, you really care about her. If it had been any other girl that turned you down, you would be off right now, chatting up some other girl!” He smirked. “But here you are, in our kitchen, eating comfort food.”

I glared at him, but didn’t protest. Because everything he just said was right. I really did care about Maisy. And I could never go off to another girl after her.

“Harry Styles, this woman has you under lock and key.” He paused. “But does she know?”

“I don’t know,” I sigh. “She told me that she needs to focus on school right now. I doubt that she even notices that I fancy her.”

“I bet you can change her mind with your curly haired ways.”

I let out a laugh. “You can bet on that, boo bear.”

Louis was right. I was going to do whatever possible to get that kiss.

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