Can We Fall (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Maisy was trying to make things work- she really was. She was working hard to graduate, pushing away a social life in the process. She was trying to help her sister, Rose, who was dating Cory, a total jerk and cheater. She was also trying not to fall in love, believing that it would prove too much of a distraction. And she was right. When she meets Harry on a rainy day at Disneyland, will she choose a the life where she is at the top of her class with a supportive family, or the life where she is truely happy, with the one who she loves?


3. Coffee


The boys and I walked out of the park and into the parking lot. Paul was stretching himself like a silly band trying to keep all of us together and out of sight. Maisy was walking next to me just listening to the boys mindless conversation. I could tell she was in heaven being around the boys. She would never admit it, but I could tell she was a bigger fan than she was letting on . I smiled to myself at how adorable she was.

We finally made it to the van and we all scurried in. I expected to see Maisy next to me but it was.. Niall. I sighed.

"Dude, wasn't that AWESOME?" Niall yelled, stuffing a piece of soft pretzel in his mouth.

"Yeah, it was pretty awesome." I responded. I lowered my voice. "Where the hell is Maisy?"

"Who the ginger?" Niall asked. I nodded.

She's up there buddy." Niall strechted out his finger and pointed to the very first row of seats in the van. Maisy was seated next to Louis. My ears turned red with jealousy and I tried to contain myself.

She was laughing with him and he was cracking jokes. This was not okay.

I have to calm down I thought to myself. Louis has Eleanor. He would never, ever cheat on her.

I sat in the back of the van watching Maisy laugh at Louis and flirt with him for the rest of the way. I put my face in my hands. What was I doing? A girl has never done this to me before. And I certainly know that Louis or none of the rest of the boys would be out to get a girl that I had made pretty clear was mine. I took a deep breath and got out of the car.

Paul had brought us to a Starbucks near Disneyland. When emerging from the car, I saw that we were in the alley next to the Starbucks.

"Right, so how are we going to do this Pauly?" Liam pressed.

"Erm... give me a minute to think of a plan." Paul said.

I found my way over to Maisy and Louis.

"Hi guys." I said a bit too sourly. Oops.

"Hey Haz. I was just telling Maisy about the time you were naked on the plane!" He laughed and Maisy giggled along with him.

She gave me a grin and walked over to me. That's more like it. Wait, when did I become possesive? Damn, this girl had me wrapped around her finger.

I laughed. "Yeah, that was funny."

"Right boys! Put these on!" Paul threw us hoodies and sunglasses.

We were all matching, we looked like theives. Maisy chuckled lightly at the sight of us.

"Please don't take my money." She wimpered, jokingly.

"No promises." I whispered in her ear.



I was crammed in between Liam and Harry when walking in Starbucks. Paul had told us to stay together and that's what he intended for us to do. We were all in a giant ball and looked like robbers. Yeah, this plan would work out for sure.

Although it did; no one noticed us and once we ordered, we found a table and sat down. Harry plopped down next to me and squeezed my hand. This can't be real! Sitting here, with One Direction. I shook my head and joined the conversation.

"But I don't want to!" Louis whined .

"You have to. I know you like it here, but hey at least you have El at home." Zayn pointed out.

"What are we talking about?" I asked.

"The boys don't want to go home. They like it too much in America." Paul explained.

My mouth formed an "O."

"When do you boys leave?" I was curious. Mostly just for Harry....

"In a week. We have to go back to the UK for a couple shows, some promo and a couple days of rest. Then will be back here for recording. 2013 has been a hard year so far." Liam answered.

I smiled.

A lady came up and handed us our drinks.

"Iced Latte for a... Zayn?" She questioned. Her eyes suddenly got bigger and she dropped the drink.

"Oh my god. Oh MY GOD. OH MY GOD. YOU'RE." She started screaming.

Zayn rushed up and put his hand around her mouth. "I know. Please don't scream, love."

The girl about died, she kept nodding her head and grinning. The boys signed a couple autographs but didn't take pictures in fear of drawing attention. I sat there in amazement. This is what they went through everyday. They were like clockwork, sign, sign, sign, sign, sign snap picture and smile.

The girl handed us our drinks and scurried off giggling. I took a sip of the hot chocolate and let it warm me. The hot liquid coursed through my veins and it felt so good. Harry smiled at me and squeezed my hand. It felt so good against mine. The only word I can use to descirbe it was right. It just felt right.

"Maisy, give me your mobile." Louis demanded.

"What? Why?" I asked cautiously.

"So I we can put our numbers in it?" He laughed.

"Right, here ya go." I handed him my iPhone and they passed it around. I have One Directions numbers. Oh my god.

I stared at my phone. I've got to calm down. Calm down. Calm down Maisy.

The conversation went on and I ask few questions, not wanting to cause a bother. As it came time to leave, the talking slowed down and Harry looked at me.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"When can I see you again?"

All the boys were staring now, can you say peer pressure? I can't say no though. This boy has a hold on me. If I never saw him again, I don't want to think about what I would do. But, I'm Maisy. I've never been this easily swayed by a boy. The only way out of this life is school. I'm third in my class right now, if I were to give all my effort to a relationship that could crumble at any moment, my future would be down the drain. it's nearing graduation and I have last minute college things to finalise, exams to study for and my GPA isn't where I want it to be at the moment. It was a Thursday, which meant I had a ton of homework for tonight. Senior year unleashed all it had on me.

I thought about my answer and started. I had to be careful, Harry looked like he was on the edge of his chair.

"The thing is Harry, I really.. want to get to know you better but you have no idea how swamped I am with school. My grades are the only ticket I have out of here and if those plummet, then so does my future." Was that good enough?

I was too scared to say what I was really feeling.



That wasn't a no. That means there's still a yes in there somewhere. Sorry, Maisy. I'm not giving up on this.

"I have an idea." I said, stirring my coffee.

Her face lit up with hope.

"Yeah?" She smiled.

"What if I got you like a tutor or something to help you with school?" That's a brilliant idea! Why am I so smart?

Maisy pondered. "Well yeah... I mean I don't need help with school. I can manage the information, just the workload is hard. The only thing I even have a little trouble with is Spanish."

Spanish! Niall!

"I have a Spanish tutor for you!" I blurted. Niall would never agree to this. What have I done?

"You do? That's awesome! I mean, I have a 99 in the class, but if I don't get a 100 then I don't think my GPA will hit where it needs to be." Maisy blabbered on. Her a strand of her red hair was in her face and she wiped it away. Utter beauty.

"So it's a date then. Studying. Fun." I said with fake enthusiasm.

I would do whatever it took to get close to her.

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