Can We Fall (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Maisy was trying to make things work- she really was. She was working hard to graduate, pushing away a social life in the process. She was trying to help her sister, Rose, who was dating Cory, a total jerk and cheater. She was also trying not to fall in love, believing that it would prove too much of a distraction. And she was right. When she meets Harry on a rainy day at Disneyland, will she choose a the life where she is at the top of her class with a supportive family, or the life where she is truely happy, with the one who she loves?


4. 21 Time's The Charm


I tapped my pencil on my desk, trying to study for Spanish.

My head hurt and my anxiety was high. I could feel my heart beating faster than usual and my eyes prickled from the tears; I was so frustrated by my incompetence and the difficulty of the task.

I gently placed the pencil down, taking a deep breath. I leaned back in my seat and tiredly rubbed my eyes.

I don't understand any of this! I had to learn how to conjugate verbs flawlessly in the next couple of days or I was going to fail Spanish. And if I failed Spanish, I wouldn't be put on the distinguished plan. And if I wasn't on the distinguished plan... My parents would flip.

I had figured out, long ago, that I was their 'make up child'. When Rose went through high school, she barely did her work, hardly made an effort, rarely even came to school, and it was a huge shock that she graduated. So, when they discovered that I had a higher interest in school that Rose did, they did all they could to make up for their past mistakes with my elder sister.

As I said- make up child.

Why was this so difficult for me? This was my senior year, I was taking Spanish 4- I should know how to do this! Actually, I probably did know. I was just so exhausted that my brain thought it would be funny if they hid away the information that I needed.

Rocking my chair, I put my hands in my lap. I tried to think of something that I could do to improve. I didn't have to Internet because my parents always turned it off when I was studying to "keep me focused". I didn't have any friends that could help me- and they were either 1) not taking Spanish, or 2) also cramming for exams.

I snatched the pencil up and began to tap in on desk again.

Who could I ask for help?

I couldn't ask my parents. They hardly learned any Spanish when they were in school, and what they were taught they had forgotten. And I couldn't ask Rose, that was for certain. She would probably pretend that she knew what she was talking about, but give me the wrong answers.

As I stared blankly at the wall ahead of me, I let my mind wander to a certain, curly haired boy. I has texted him a couple of hours ago when my mom first told me to start studying. I had been hoping that I could have continued our conversation while I was doing Spanish, but as my parents did the Internet, they took my phone.

This eyes- his perfect green eyes that looked like they could be the definition of perfection itself. There was nothing else that's could compare them to. Nothing on this planet was the same, perfect shade of his eyes. And his lips... I could stop myself from daydreaming about the boy I met at Disneyland a week ago.

And, always with perfect timing, mom called from downstairs.

"Maisy Leigh! Someone keeps calling you!"

Reluctantly, I drag my feet out of my room and down to the kitchen, where my mom is leaning on the counter, staring at my buzzing phone.

"Whadizit," I mumble.

Mom glances up at me and then back to my phone, which has now stopped vibrating. "The same person has been calling you for the past 2 hours, nonstop!"

She huffs when the phone receives another call. "There he is again!"

"He?!" I straighten up and look at the screen. There was were only five boys who I had given my number to, but I was hoping it was one in particular.

Call From- Harry S.

My heart leaped and I snatched the phone from under my mom's nose, hastily unplugging it from the charger.

I answered the call and pressed it to my ear as I skipped upstairs, taking two steps at a time.

"Hey." I evened my breath, trying to sound cool and collected.

His deep chuckle filled the air. "Have you been running?"

I sigh, obviously caught. "Yeah," I admit. "Away from my mom's ears."

He laughed again. "So why didn't you answer the first twenty times I called you?"

"Twenty times? Really, Harry? This makes you sound a bit desperate." I giggle.

"I prefer persistent. And you didn't answer my question."


He sighed. "So that's what you meant."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well you sent me a text- hold on, let me read you what it said." He paused and then began reading my message back to me. " 'Oh my god, Harry. She's coming. Please save me!' "

"And..." I was confused on why he was worried.

"I was worried! That message sounds very sinister."

"Out of context, I guess, yes. But if you could kindly recall my past texts, I was telling you how my mom was coming to tell me to start studying! Think, Harry!" I joked with him.

"So, that studying- how's it going?" Harry asked, and we eased into a conversation.

"Oh, it's not going. Not anymore. I gave up."


"Spanish is just... Bleh."

Harry paused before answering. "Maybe, and I don't want to pressure you into this, but maybe Niall could help you?"

I Blurted out what was on my mind before I could stop myself. "Only if you come, too." I gasped, scared that he would laugh at me for saying that.

Why in the world did I say that?!

Harry let out a sigh. Was it a sigh of relief? "Yeah." I could tell he was smiling as he spoke. "What time?"

"Now, if you guys wouldn't mind. I really want to finish this as soon as possible. I'll text you my address." I tried to not sound too excited that he was coming. I had a very hard time.

Harry freakin Styles was coming to my house.

Needless to say, when we hung up, I did a little dance around my room.

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