Can We Fall (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Maisy was trying to make things work- she really was. She was working hard to graduate, pushing away a social life in the process. She was trying to help her sister, Rose, who was dating Cory, a total jerk and cheater. She was also trying not to fall in love, believing that it would prove too much of a distraction. And she was right. When she meets Harry on a rainy day at Disneyland, will she choose a the life where she is at the top of her class with a supportive family, or the life where she is truely happy, with the one who she loves?


1. Introduction

Life is full of choices.

Maisy's sister, Rose, was dating Cory. If Rose wasn't dating Cory, Maisy and Rose wouldn't have gotten into a fight.

And if they hadn't gotten into a fight, Maisy wouldn't be so stressed.

And if Maisy wasn't so stressed, she wouldn't have decided to go to Disney to relax.

And if Maisy hadn't gone to Disney, she wouldn't have met Harry.

The choices Maisy Bryant made on January 25th may have seemed random at the time, but they were meant to happen.

Maisy was destined to meet Harry.

She just didn't know it at the time.

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