When we fall in love

After lost her parents, Evelyn go to London and live a love history, but with a prince.


2. Surprise!

I got out of the school and walked away, for one place quite. I sat on the floor, next to the street, just remebering my parents, when they hit the car on that tree. " Why are yo so quite?" Zain made a surprise, sitting next to me, he was like an old friend, really good. " Isn't nothing." I said. He held my hand and ask: "Really?". "Really, don't ook at me like a dick!" I said a little angry. I put my face near the knee and he... hugged me. "I know about you, Eve." He said moving his hot hand on my backs. "You lose your parents two mouths ago. I never had a lose like this, I just lose my dog. But i know how you are feeling now." He said, brushing my hair. "I'm feeling so alone." I said hugging he too, now really close for his cheast. "No one understand me here, I want my mom, my dad, I want my life again!" I said crying more. "I want my life, I want be happy again!"

He hugged me stronger as before, I felt his cheast moving as sobbings, he cried a little. "I don't like my lips." He said trying change the subject. "They are perfect, what are you talking aabout?!" I asked a little confused. "I didn't like see you crying that way." He said. "I don't know why, but I care about you."

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