When we fall in love

After lost her parents, Evelyn go to London and live a love history, but with a prince.


1. New school

I looked at my aunt's house, a little big for me, but really beauty. I walked for the door, hitting it. My aunt opened and smiled for me. "Hi my little princess." she said hugging me in your arms. "Hi aunt Caroline." I said smiling too. She got my backpack and walked into the house, opened the door for a little room. I enter in that room and looked around. The walls were in a light purple, with a white sofa and a large bed. "You know about how much I miss her." she said crying. "No, aunt, this is the bedroom of Lindsey, I can't stay with it." I said looking at her. "She was really ill. Your cousin was very strong, but now, she is saying for me to you stay here, she will like it."
Lindsey was eleven when she... Well... Died. She was really cute and I miss her so much. Maybe I don't believe in a paradise for the souls, but she is in a special place. I'm not so religious.
I sat on the bed, feeling that good smell of strawberry on it. I thought on my parents, when they said for me about their back for manhattan. When the car had that big accident. When the police called for me. When I back for myself, I was crying over the pillow. That was a bad night for me.
I woke up a little sad, but ready for the new school. I was in London, maybe was a chance to redo all my life. I walked from the door and got out of my house.
When I came to school, the first thing I saw was a boy, his hair was black, the beautiful color of a light brown in his eyes. He looked at me and did a little broke smile. He came in my direction, I was looking at the deep eyes. "Hi, I'm Zain Malik." he said smiling for me and holding my hand."I'm Evelyn Starhome." I said quickly. "Nice to meet you, mrs. Starhome."
I tryed to walk away, but Zain put his arm in front of me and asked: "Where are you going?". I passed under his arm and said: "Going to my class."
"Maybe you don't know, but you are really pretty." He said to me."Bye."
I turned around and went away from he.
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