Lovable? {old version}

What if things were reversed? What if you & your friends were the famous ones & the 1D boys were the "fangirls"? That's they way things are for Elizabeth & her friends. She's an actress & her friends have talents of there own. They all have problems that they're going through & when they meet up to talk things out they run into a group of fans. Male fans. Very good looking male fans.


2. Who are they?

How in the world did I end up in this situation? I can't believe I'm wearing one of  Jill's  extremely short dresses. AND I'm somehow on three dates at once right now! THREE!!! One of them I barley know, one I might be in love with & I hate the third guy. How did this happen?


Well, lets find out.....


~~~ 3 weeks earlier ~~~

*phone lights up & vibrates*

Elizabeth reaches for it & ends up knocking over a pile of scripts then gets it.

Eliz: Hello?

Kylie: Are you coming?

Eliz looks at the time, it's 1:30pm.

Eliz: *Ugg asdfghjkl;*

Kykie: You promised that you would actually socialize today.

Eliz: .....Fine...Where are we going again?

Kylie: That club Sarah's brother owns.

Eliz: *dying whale noises* I hate her brother. He better not be there.

Kylie: .....Is this a bad time to mention that it's his birthday party?

~~~Ky & Eliz show up at the club~~~

The girls find Molly at the back of the club behind the DJ. She is with her brother, Ricky. As soon as Eliz see's him she turns around & starts to walk away. Ky grabs her arm & drags her forward. Molly spots them.

Molly: There you guys are!

Molly hugs each of them. Ricky does too, only when he goes to hug Eliz she pushes him away.

-------Eliz's Point Of View-------

Why do I have to be here. I know we haven't seen Molly all week but why here? Why with him?

[She see movement by the backdoor.] 

What was that! ...It kinda looked like a person..... I swear I saw brown curls.

[Molly waves her hand in front of Eliz's face.]

Molly: Hello? Earth to Elizabeth! 

Eliz: ...Yeah. What?

Molly: I asked if you got the script for that movie you're doing with Zac Efron.

Eliz: Oh! Yes, I have.

Molly: And....

Eliz: ...And?

Molly: Do you get to kiss him?!?

I see a boy "hiding" behind a plant. It may have worked if his curls weren't so thick.

Kylie: What are you stasring at?

Eliz: That boy...

As soon as pointed for them to see, he vanished. I look back at the three of them & they are staring at me like I'm crazy.

Ricky: There's no one there, babe.

Eliz: Don't call me babe! Anyways, I must just being seeing things because I'm tired. 

That's not true at all. I know he was really there.

-------Kylie's Point Of View-------

Eliz needs to take a break. If she's seeing things she should go lay down or get some water before she-

[Out of the corner of my eye she sees something.]

What is that... It's a person! A boy. With messy brown hair & somehow even though it's dark and he's hiding, I can tell he's very sassy.

Molly: Not you too, Ky!

Kylie: Oh, sorry. I must have zoned out.

I can't tell her that I'm seeing things too. She'll think we're both nuts! But I do need to tell Eliz.

Kylie: Elizabeth.

Eliz: Yeah?

Kylie: Lets go.

Eliz: Really! You mean it? I can finally go?!

[Kylie grabs Elizabeth's arm & they go out to Ky's car.]

~~~~~Back at Eliz's House~~~

Kylie: We didn't even see the same guy!

Eliz: I guess not...

[Elizabeth has a very worried look on her face.]

Kylie: What?

Eliz: How many freaky stalkers are there!!!

Kylie: Hang on. We don't even know if they're stalkers.

Eliz: One, They were hiding . So they weren't suppose to be there & didn't want to be seen. Two, they were watchi-

[She stopped mid-sentence & was staring out the window. The expression on her face made it seem like someone was pointing a gun at her.]

Kylie: Now what!?!??

Eliz: .....Three, the two of them & some other guy followed us here & are in my backyard.


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