Lovable? {old version}

What if things were reversed? What if you & your friends were the famous ones & the 1D boys were the "fangirls"? That's they way things are for Elizabeth & her friends. She's an actress & her friends have talents of there own. They all have problems that they're going through & when they meet up to talk things out they run into a group of fans. Male fans. Very good looking male fans.


1. Background Story/ Prologue

~~~Main Characters~~~

Elizabeth 1: A well know actress who doesn't seem to do anything scandalous. She's almost too good of a person. She goes by Eliz & has a younger sister named Bonnie (who is more spontaneous). Eliz tends to be quite, used by others, & lacks self confidence. 

Kylie: She goes by Ky. Is Elizabeth's closest friend. They've know each other since they did a commercial for applesauce when they were younger. (Ky later decided that she likes singing more than acting.) They are quite similar, but she talks a bit more. Sometimes she'll even talk for Eliz. She has an older sister named Jill.

Emily: Goes by Em. Became a singing superstar when she was young, but then her vocals were ruined after a terrible illness. She has recently gotten into acting. Eliz befriended her at Em's first audition. She is very different than her new friends. Em is very wild & care free. Although she secretly is insecure, because her drunk dad is always telling her that she's not good enough. 

Sarah: An international model. Only knows Eliz, they met at Miley Cyrus' birthday party a year ago. They have recently gotten close. Sarah is adventurous, wild, & loves talking to new people. Likes to keep things simple & joke around. Her dad passed away from an illness so she gets scared when someone is sick.

Elizabeth 2:  Goes by Liz. Her mom designs the most talked about fashion in Hollywood. She gets used by people so they can get free stuff from her mom. She's never had friends that liked her for her, not for her mom's skills or just because Liz is pretty. Liz has a hard time trusting people. She knows Sarah because she models her mom's cloths often.

Molly: Is a party girl that is known for not always having the best attitude & for being gorgeous. Her dad is a famous director & her mom is a best selling author. She goes out & spends their money. Her parents are divorced & don't pay much attention to her or her brother. Elizabeth was in one of her dad's movies. Molly was surprised when Eliz was nice to her since no one has really cared about her before.

~~~Others Characters~~~

(others will be added as time goes on)

Alyssa: Sometimes called Aly. Emily's younger cousin. They are extremely close & took care of each other growing up. Her mom left when she was 5, then her dad died in a car crash a few years ago. She feels like if she gets close to anyone they'll leave her eventually. If you're not Em she wont talk to you much.

Jill: Ky's older sister. They don't really get along. Her best friend is Bonnie even though they are a few years apart. Is an actress that gets roles mainly for her looks. She is considered prettier than her sister, but her sister is nicer & smarter. She is crazy & free. Very flirtatious. 

Bonnie: Eliz's more outgoing younger sister. At first she seems like her sister but then you realize that they're nearly opposites. Bonnie is trying to get into the music biz, but is having a hard time finding someone who believes in her talent. 

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