Love Is More Than 4 Letters

I walked in to Starbucks not knowing there would be a surprise waiting for me that surprise was the one and only Niall Horan.


4. Sorry...

Niall's P.O.V.

Before i knew what i was doing i put my lips on hers and her lips were as soft as a baby's bum. That was the best kiss I've ever had since li- my thoughts were interrupted when I realized what I just did. "Oh...I am so sorry I shouldn't have rushed things..." I started scratching the back of my neck and I looked at the floor. GOD I'm so stupid why did I just do that. "I'm so so so so so so sorry..." She probably hates me now. Great job Niall. Great job. "It's fine we just got caught up in the moment but I really must be heading out now sorry.." I probably looked so embarrassed. "'s fine! It was mostly my fault!" "No it was mine I really shouldn't have rushed things I'm terribly sorry.." "it's fine! But I must be heading out now bye!" she waved at me and smiled. I waved back as she was heading out of the shop. Ah I'm so tired I got up and walked out of the shop I went in my car and arrived home. I walked in and saw Harry making pancakes. Thank god. I'm starving. I ran to Harry and gave him the biggest hug ever. I love Harry's cooking it's amazing! "I love you Harry." "Haha I love you too bud!" "Where are the other boys?" "Asleep." "I knew it," "So uhm Harry I can trust you right?" "Defiantly! Let's go sit down." we sat at the kitchen island and I told him everything from when I arrived to Starbucks to when I left. I told him "I really like this girl but I don't know if she will like me back.." "Lad if she's the right one she will feel the same way and you said you have her number right?" "Yeah." "Well...Text her!" Good idea. I got out my phone and I sent her a text. From: Niall <3 To: Cynthia <3 xx. Hey love. Wanna come over tomorrow to meet my friends and eat breakfast with us? xx. She immediately replied back. From: Cynthia <3 xx. Sure! What time? xx. I replied. From: Niall <3 To: Cynthia <3 xx. 11:00 AM xx. She replied. From: Cynthia <3 xx. Ok I gotta go Yvette needs me see you tomorrow! xx. I showed Harry the texts. "Great! Wanna go wake up the lads?" He said with a mouthful of pancakes. "Yes!" This should be fun. We got a bucket full of water and I went to Zayns room. It was a risk I know he will kill me but you know as Americans say YOLO. I tiptoed in his room and walked over to his bed then I slowly lifted up the bucket and dumped it on him. "WHAT THE FUCK NIALL!!!!!" He got up and I ran and he chased me. I also caught a glimpse of louis completely drenched and chasing Harry who was giggling. "IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU NIALL!" He caught up with me and tackled me on the couch and I started hyperventilating I couldn't breath because
of all the laughing I did. He finally got off me and he grabbed the bucket and poured it on me and I was laughing so hard when the door started ringing. I got up and awnsered it and was surprised to see a crying Cynthia.
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