Love Is More Than 4 Letters

I walked in to Starbucks not knowing there would be a surprise waiting for me that surprise was the one and only Niall Horan.


6. Happy thoughts *A/N*

Niall's P.O.V.

Cynthia just told me what happened. That guy is outside right? Lemme go give him a piece of my mind I started walking over to the door to like punch him or somthing when Cynthia fell on the floor and started breaking down. "NIALL HORAN!" She screamed "STOP...please....." then she passed out. Wait. She passed out....?!?!!!?!? I ran over to her and checked her heart beat it was slowing down. "NO. NO. CYNTHIA STAY WITH ME PLEASE. OH NO. WHY.?!?" I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialed '911'

"Hello. Thank you for dialing 911. What's your emergency?"
"Hi. My friend-" i cringed when i said friend. i wanna be more than that. "is passed out and her heartbeat is slowing down. Please come to 3846 Ballcreak Ln. And there is also one more thing."
"Ok. Please remain calm we will be there as soon as we can. And what is that thing?"
"There is a guy outside and he has a knife and he wants to kill my-" I cringed once again. "Friend-dd-d." I stuttered out most of it. She probably won't be my friend, if she doesn't make it. No. Niall, think happy thoughts. Rainbows. Butterflies. Singing. Harry. Louis. Liam. Zayn. Paul. Mom. Dad. My career. CynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthiaCynthia. Gaaaah I can't stop thinking about her. She's so perf- my thoughts were inturupted by the woman on the phone. Almost forgot she was there.
"Ok sir. Remain calm. Lock all the doors and windows. Police and ambulance are on their way. Please do as told."
"I will." And with that I ran upstairs and locked every door and every window I saw. I suddenly heard.....

* A/N *
ok I'm SUPERDUPER sorry for not updating much its just school is in the way and homework and ugh. I'm not gonna update randomly anymore! I will only update on:
Friday, and Saturday. I'm superrr sorry but I'm so busy and yeahhhh! Love you all! <3
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