Love Is More Than 4 Letters

I walked in to Starbucks not knowing there would be a surprise waiting for me that surprise was the one and only Niall Horan.


3. Can I urm.. have your number?

Cynthia's P.O.V.


My phone lit up and i put my head down to read it. From: Yvette :P CYNTHIA WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU IVE BEEN WAITING AT MY HOUSE FOR 2 HOURS! THANKS FOR THE AMAZING BIRTHDAY PRESENT. "Shit" i muttered under my breath. Niall looked up at me "Whats wrong babe?" he asked. I blushed at the fact that  he called me babe but i awnsered him saying "i promised one of my friends id be there at her birthday party and i forgot that it started at 6:00." "Oh." he looked a bit sad that i had to go it was so sweet! i texted her back saying To: Yvette :P OMFG SORRY I WENT TO STARBUCKS AND FOUND A FRIEND AND WE LOST TRACK OF TIME BE THERE IN 5 I SWEAR. "Niall i gotta go maybe ill catch up with you later?" i asked while grabbing my purse. "Oh can i urm.. have your number?" he blushed and turned a shade of bright pink. I thought it was super adorable! "Haha sure!" we swapped phones as i put my name as Cynthia <3. Not too cheeky right? He handed me my phone and he put his Niall <3 xx. I chuckled softly. "What?" he asked smiling. "I love your name in my phone haha" "Hahha and i love yours." "Alright well i gotta go see you around!" "I gave him a hug and he pulled away he stared in my hazel eyes and leaned in next thing i knew Niall Horans lips were smashed against mine. 





AUTHORS NOTE: Hello! So later should i keep it PG or a bit of Rated R Comment Below!

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