You can tell me.

Rae and her twin brother are as close as close can be, but suddenly Cory starts hiding secrets and she only wants to help him.


3. Sunrise.


I forgot my eye was messed up and panicked when I couldn’t see properly. “I hate him.” I rolled over onto my front and pounded the pillow over and over again. I grinded my teeth together. I closed my eyes remembering yesterday morning. My eye throbbed as I traced my finger around it. I sat up to quickly. “Ah.” I bit my lip pulling up the shirt I put on to sleep in.

All up my side; yellow, purple, blue, brown and other shades left lingering on my skin. My skin flinched when I touched it. “Fuck!” I covered my mouth, making sure that no one had heard me. “Probably never helped going on the horse either.” I muttered. “What am I saying? It’s all his fault!” I gripped the grey covers, to stop myself from hitting something else.

I pulled the top back down and carefully got out the bed. I waddled down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mother gasped taking my face in her hands. “Cory!” She flipped her dark hair out her eyes to get a better look. Her normally glowing face turned pale. “It’s nothing mum.” I looked at Jarrett and he narrowed his black beady eyes. I felt like he was stabbing me in the ribs. His black eyes matched his black hair.

“That looks bad Cody.” Jarrett stated, putting on his worried voice. He stood beside my mum a hand on her shoulder. “Who did this Cody?” My mum’s voice was firm and assertive. I glared at Jarrett. “It was an accident I was at the park with Pete; we were throwing the ball back and forth. It hit me in the eye.”  

“You have to be more careful when you’re playing your little games.” Jarrett chuckled to himself and a knot formed in the pit of my stomach. I clenched my fists, grabbed an apple and hopped back up the stairs.



I got up early and left, avoiding contact with the family. I wasn’t in a good mood today. I got my white stallion out of the stable and set off through the fields. The sun was just waking up and we stood on top of Lovers hill and watched the sunrise. It was amazing, all colours spread across the sky, droplets of water reflected in the sun’s rays. “What should I do with him Joey?” I stroked Joey’s main, wishing he could answer.

He snorted shaking his head. “Is that your answer eh? Thanks for your help.” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his neck. Just before the sun was fully visible I pulled on his reins and he took off down the hill. His hoofs dug into the earth, pulling out the grass as he ran.

Then I saw the familiar St.Bernard running towards us. He greeted us, twirling around on his back legs, barking with joy. “Alright Jasper. Is he on his way?” I petted his head as he placed his front paws on my saddle. His tongue lolled out after he barked. “Get on then.” I whistled, sliding forward on my saddle. Jasper hopped onto Joey’s back, he wobbled a bit when I took Joey into a trot but soon got used to it. 

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