You can tell me.

Rae and her twin brother are as close as close can be, but suddenly Cory starts hiding secrets and she only wants to help him.


2. Stand off.


I arrived home after dark, when I was sure Rae would be in bed. I chose my steps carefully, watching out for creaking floorboards that could wake someone. My eye ached and throbbed, it wasn’t probably that bad. I struggled to see through it so I closed it, relying on my one good eye to show me the way. The hall was dark, but a light shone from under my bedroom door.

I cursed, trying to tell myself Rae forgot to turn it off. Unfortunately I was wrong, and Rae sat on my bed, arms folded as if predicting my arrival. “Cory.” Her voice was stiff and determined. I tried to look everywhere but at her. I looked at the cream painted walls with posters stuck up, mostly hiding stains from drinks or food that I had no idea how they got there. Apart from the massive one with a picture of a horse running on it. I wouldn’t have a poster of a horse but it was the only one big enough to cover the massive hole in the wall.  

I looked at the wood varnished floor, but I made the bad mistake of looking up right into Rae’s face. “What happened?” She asked once again. “Nothing.” I mumbled, trying to think of a way to get rid of her. Nothing would make her leave, she was my twin. There was nothing I could do to make her leave. “Don’t lie to me!”  She snapped.

“I’m not!” I tried to argue but this argument I was bound to lose. Then I knew exactly how to get rid of Rae. I pulled my top over my head, flinching when it went past my eye.



“What are you doing?” I watched as he threw his top onto the ground. “I’m getting ready for bed, so I suggest you leave before you see something you don’t want to see.” He was trying to get rid of me; well two could play at this game. “I am not leaving.” Something me and my brother share, our stubbornness. “Suit yourself; I’m not responsible for what you see.” He shrugged and began to unbuckle his belt. He wouldn’t strip down, I know him. He kicked off his trousers so he was now only standing in his red boxers.

“You leaving?” He raised his eyebrow, he wouldn’t take them off. I shook my head, standing my ground. “Alright I did give you a chance.” He began to pull down the shorts and I turned away. “You win!” I covered my eyes and I could hear him laugh. I ran out of the room, down the hall and into my room. To get ready for bed.

I can’t believe he actually done that.

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