You can tell me.

Rae and her twin brother are as close as close can be, but suddenly Cory starts hiding secrets and she only wants to help him.


1. What happened?



My heart beat fast in my chest as I stared into his eyes. His left eye, swollen, a blue and purple shadow surrounded it. “Cory, who did this?” I knelt beside my twin brother, moving a piece of dark brown hair from his forehead to get a better look at his eye. “No one Rae, I walked into a lamppost.” He muttered, turning away from me.

“You’re a terrible liar Cory and that’s the oldest lie in the book, now who did this?” I bit my lip, if Cory was getting bullied at school I would sort it out. I was his sister and would protect him no matter what. “No one, forget about it Rae.” He pushed off the floor and headed for the door, I grabbed his wrist. “Cory, please.” I begged but he just flicked my hand off and closed the door behind him.

I was hurt that Cory wouldn’t tell me if he was getting bullied. Even more hurt that he didn’t trust me enough to tell me. I am all about family; no one hurts my family without me getting involved. If my brother was being bullied I would sort that bully right out. I love my brother and all I want to do is help him, why can’t he see that? 




I wasn’t going to tell her, it was nothing. Nothing to get her worried about. I could handle it. I am 16 years old and can handle myself. She would take a freaky if I told her the truth. He would go mental if I told her. She begged me to stay but I ignored her, slapping her hand away.

It hurt to do that to her, we were close, something stung when I never told her what happened. We shared everything, helped each other out. But I didn’t want her getting involved; he might turn on her as well. I left the room slamming the door behind me, praying she didn’t follow.

I left the house and went to grab my horse from the stable. We lived in a big house ever since mum married Jarred. She bought me and Rae a horse for our 15th birthdays and I got the chestnut mare.

She reared up when she saw my eye. “Easy Nessie, easy.” I caught hold of her reins and stroked her shoulder blades. “Easy.” I whispered to her until she was calm.

I climbed onto her and took off down the dirt track; I needed to be alone, to think. I just hoped that Rae didn’t ask any more questions. I didn’t want her getting caught up in all of this. I wanted her to continue the life we lived, where she was happy and oblivious to all the monsters in this world. 

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