Never knew this could happen

Sarah Garica a smart and independent high schooler who has ambitions of being a songwriter/singer ,she enter a contest sponcered by 1D ,some of her wildest dreams come true , some where along the way she strikes up a friendship with 1D but she also falls head over heels for one the boy named, niall


5. Top 25

This morning I woke up with my messy dirty blonde hair all over the place.I got out of bed and went to my bathroom. I took a look in the mirror and said '' I look horrible.''

I brushed my hair and put it in a really bad pony tail. Suddenly my phone rang it was a number I wasnt familiar with. Picked up the phone and said '' hello?''

''Hey Sarah ,its me Abby ''!

'' umm, i dont know a Abby.''

''I know, ive seen you around school and heard you made it in the top 25!''

''umm, Abby can i call you back?'' knowing that i wasnt.


After I hung up the phone and ran downstairs ,went back on the 1D site ,  in huge cap letters wasTOP 25 FOR THE SONG WRITING CONTEST.At #13 was Sarah Garcia! I couldnt believe i made it . After that I checked out my facebook 400 friend request and then my twitter 5,000 new followers. People love me I got comments that had either I hope you win or I love you song and youre a great singer! My mom came in the room shortly after I had saw that i made the top 25.'' what are you doing, sarah'' she said.

''Oh nothing I just made the top 25!'' i said

''Oh my gosh babygirl im so proud of you !'' she said as she gave me a big hug

''Thanks mom." i said with a smile.

I was just hoping that day i would make it to the top 10.

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