Never knew this could happen

Sarah Garica a smart and independent high schooler who has ambitions of being a songwriter/singer ,she enter a contest sponcered by 1D ,some of her wildest dreams come true , some where along the way she strikes up a friendship with 1D but she also falls head over heels for one the boy named, niall


9. The car ride that seemed like for ever

On the car ride back I just couldnt get him out of my mind , the amazing blonde hair the bright blue eyes , and his voice, his voice was amazing to me. I think the girls knew I was day dreaming because Makayla ha dto tap me to see if I was alive . '' What are you day dreaming about?'' Makayla said.

'' This guy she met at the club maybe .'' shouted Maggie.

'' Shut up Maggie !'' i yelled.

'' Yep I was right , she was day dreaming about him ''! Maggie said laughing

'' Tell us everything ''! Megan said.


''Go tell us !'' Jazzy yelled.

''Well he came up to me and asked if I had been to the drunken monkey alot . I said no and he said I didnt think so , I was shy at first  but then we started talking and  I really wasnt that shy . He  had blonde hair and blue eyes and he was really funny . He had four friends at the table across from us and they were just staring and smiling . When he had to leave we kinda had an awkward goodbye ... thats all I guess.''

''What was his name name'' Jazzy asked .

I knew his name but I didnt want the girls to know I was talking to a superstar then there would be so much gossip. so I said '' I dont know he didnt tell me.''

''Oh bummer '' They said.

''Yeah''  I replied.

At the end of our converstion I was already home . I waved goodbye and walked in my house . '' You have a good night honey '' said my mom.

I smiled and said '' it was amazing''!

I walked upstairs, took my jacket and heels off and put my purse on my night stand and went to sleep. 

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