Never knew this could happen

Sarah Garica a smart and independent high schooler who has ambitions of being a songwriter/singer ,she enter a contest sponcered by 1D ,some of her wildest dreams come true , some where along the way she strikes up a friendship with 1D but she also falls head over heels for one the boy named, niall


20. Ideas , Ideas , Ideas

After Kyle rudely kicked the people he invited , he looked at me with a grin. It was the grin that always had me thinking . '' So.....what are you thinking about?'' I said ,almost jumping out of my seat.

''When I was watching you were getting nervouse when you look at the audience, but when you looked down at your guitar you managed to play , but not actually sing.''

I was kinda confused, I had to keep thinking about it in my mind. ''So your telling me I could play , but I cant look at the audience ,no eye contact at all?''

''Correct!!'' he said,dancing with joy.

His bad dance moves made me laugh.I kinda wanted to join in , but I needed to focus. Suddenly an idea came to me '' Twitcam!!!!'' I shouted.

''Omg!!! That is perfect!'' Justine finally spoke up.

Kyle paused '' Just one thing, how do we get people to watch?''

Justine punched him ,something I would have done. '' Like duh!!! She has fans that would kill to watch her on twitcam.''

I got up and went to my to go get my laptop. I went on twitter and wrote:Twitcam tonight !!!!


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