Never knew this could happen

Sarah Garica a smart and independent high schooler who has ambitions of being a songwriter/singer ,she enter a contest sponcered by 1D ,some of her wildest dreams come true , some where along the way she strikes up a friendship with 1D but she also falls head over heels for one the boy named, niall


4. How it all started

Wow , never in my life have I thought I could actually become a star . I remember all the good memeries of when I was a kid and wanted to be a song writer / singer . Like when I was 7 and wrote my own song or when I was 9 and was in the talent show. My dad loved it when I sang to him ,but  after he died I only sing to kyle , me and kyle knew my dad would be proud of me if I made it in the top 50 or not. I miss him so much,but I still have my step dad there alway looking after me. People ask me why I want to be a song writer / singer. It all started on my 5th birthday and my dad took me to go see a concert and she was talking about how she wrote the song she was about to sing , I remember loving that song so much I just couldnt get it out of my mind.

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