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Et engelsk essay til skolen, der skulle handle om homoseksualitet. Jeg skrev det som en klumme i en avis.


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For my regular column I’d like to announce the Theme of the Week: Homosexuality.


I, for one, am pretty okay with it. They’re humans, just like you and me, and how could their sexual preference change that? I don’t understand those who say otherwise and I probably never will.

Still, there’s a chance that I feel this way because I grew up with it. I have an aunt who’s a lesbian and married to a woman. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember so I never thought it weird.

It’s not like you can see that she’s a lesbian, I mean. Maybe a little, but I know her well, so I’m not sure it counts.

My aunt was also very lucky, as her family was very accepting and I suspect that they suspected it after the stories I’ve been told. She also has kids – a boy a bit older than me, with a man and then two younger kids together with her wife. I’m not sure but I think they gave birth to one each.

At a family dinner, my aunt told me about a friend she has. The friend had hads a hard time coming out of the closet and his family didn’t really take it that well. Some of his “friends” didn’t, either.

Honestly, I cannot see the wrong in being gay. He is just being himself which he has every right to. Besides, why do people care so much? It’s not their business to mind. So what if two guys make out somewhere and you see it? Look the other way!

Those who have a problem with gays are likely to pull the “But they’re spreading diseases”-card. Well, yes, but that’s not all of them and straight people have gotten the same diseases over the years.


Another thing that angers me immensely is how people do - and probably will for some time – look at a person, a human, and say “Hey, this is a guy who only has female friends and cares about his clothes. He MUST be gay”. It’s the “must” irritates me the most. While it may be true, it is not and shall never be okay just to prejudge like that. Maybe he lived in an all-girls neighbourhood? Maybe his mum made a great fuss about his clothes and it just stuck? You won’t know ‘till you know him better!


What do you think about it?


Anyway, this was all from Cat’s Corner this day. I’ll look forward to your letters!

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