Not So Easy

Abbigale Steward is a problem child to say in the least. After her father died when she was three, her mother got caught up in drugs, and her own semi frekewent run-ins with the cops, she was beginning to believe the whole world was against her. Things got so bad she even considered drugs, and worse; suicide. She felt she had nothing left to live for. Until......she met Xavier, her budding romance, and Isaiah, a mysterious boy in her grade 9 history class.


13. What's With Him And Trees?

   Today I was walking home alone. Three days had passed since Xavier had saved me from Isaiah's rock hard grasp and one until my History project was due. I pulled out my phone and was about to text Isaiah about the project when I noticed I was at my house. I walked up the stone path and felt the terrifying feeling that I was being watched.

  I looked up and sure enough I found dark brown eyes staring straight down at me.

   "What is with you and trees?" I exclaimed rolling my eyes.

   "Better view from up here Abs. Why don't you come up hear and see." Isaiah declared.

   With amazing speed Isaiah scooped me up like a sack of flower and plopped me down on the highest branch. Why did I have to have the tallest tree in town just outside my house? It didn't help that I has afraid of heights.

   Isaiah noticed my discomfort and said, "Why don't I take you inside?"

   "That would be nice" I said wide eyed.

   He picked me up married couple style and maneuvered himself down the tree and a semi normal human pace. He carried me into the house and upstairs into my room.

   "How do you know where my room is?" I ask.

   He ignores my question and says, "I forgot to give you something the other day."

   He hand over an old looking book. I opened it and started reading it. It was a journal, the entries where all about the Revolutionary War. Isaiah had done this whole thing himself, even all the facts were true, plus put it into a book and made it look super old! And he did it all by himself!

   "How do you know all this stuff?" I asked reading over some facts, "Mr Stilts didn't teach us any of this!"

   "I was there, that's my journal." was all he said.

   "You mean you were alive during the Revolutionary War?!" I exclaimed.

   He looking away shyly, "Ya the war took place around the same time I actually WAS alive. I was turned shortly after the war ended because of an injury. You don't want the details." he said.

   "Probably not," I said smiling, "Are you sure you want to use this as our project?" i asked, "Isn't it kinda personal?"

   "Nah, you can keep it. I don't need to be reminded of my past." he said moving closer. "I only want to think about my future." he said moving closer.

   For a vampire his breath was fairly warm. I let out a short sigh as he ran he fingers over the back of my neck. He leaned in and touched my lips with his. I instantly melted, it felt so right. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed harder.

   He abruptly withdrew and walked to the door. "Please, stop." he gasped.

   "Whats wrong." I asked, suddenly very self conscious.

   "It's just your scent, it's driving me crazy" he said gasping.

   Ouch! That hurt. Did he just say that I stink? He seemed to realize what he said and walked over and sat beside me again.

   "That's not what I meant" he reassured, "If anything, it's the opposite."

   "So i'm supposed to be happy that I smell?" I questioned.

   He smiled and kissed me again. I eyed him cautiously, an unstable vampire meant a dangerous vampire. Wait, that's right, ALL vampires are dangerous.

   He caught my eye, "Don't worry I won't bite" he said leaning in for another kiss.

   I wrapped my arms around his neck once again and was about to touch my lips to his when I hear a loud crash from downstairs.       

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