Not So Easy

Abbigale Steward is a problem child to say in the least. After her father died when she was three, her mother got caught up in drugs, and her own semi frekewent run-ins with the cops, she was beginning to believe the whole world was against her. Things got so bad she even considered drugs, and worse; suicide. She felt she had nothing left to live for. Until......she met Xavier, her budding romance, and Isaiah, a mysterious boy in her grade 9 history class.


3. Isaiah

   I sat down in one of the waiting chairs as Xavier went in to inform the principal about the bad guy he had brought to justice. His convict sat next to me and it was hard to ignore his staring.

   "Can I help you?" I asked.

   "I don't believe I've introduced myself, I'm Isaiah, and you are?" he said.

   "...Abigail." I said rolling my eyes.

   "What a lovely name. Now I get the feeling that you don't like me much. But I assure you I'm nothing like that hall monitor portrays me as." He said charmingly.

   "I wouldn't be so sure about either of that." I murmured.

   He smiled and unusually bright smile and said, "What is going on between you two anyway?"

   I looked hard at him, "Don't you think that's a little personal? We were supposed to have lunch today, but you kinda got in the way of that."

   He looked pleased with himself. What a jerk! getting amusement out of making people miserable. Hmm where have I heard that situation before?

   "I'll be sure to do it again. No woman should have to suffer through that kind of torture." He said chuckling.

   "Well you certainly don't hide you feelings well." I said accusingly.

   Suddenly he stood up and looked down at me. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips. The touch of is skin sent chills through my spine. The office door opened and Xavier stepped out. When Isaiah didn't withdraw, I pulled my hand from his grasp. Finally he looked over at Xavier, who's gaze was harder than ever.

   They both walked into the principals office and I was left alone in the hallway feeling very conflicted.

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