Save you tonight

Sarah is 18 and from England. Her parents died when she was little. Since then she has been trained by a secret organization to become a teenage agent. When she gets the mission to take care of the boy band One Direction, everything goes wrong. Can she deal with her ​​feelings for Harry? And most importantly, can she save their lives?


7. The truth.

Sarah's point.


Glass Pieces flew through the room, and it sounded scary to hear the boys screaming. I grabbed the ones who sat next to me and ran to my room. I left them there and, ran back to the three other ones. When we got there I locked the door and turned around to see if they were okay. Niall had some glass in he's leg, and Harry had a wound on the cheek. But otherwise no one was injured.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!!" Zayn screamed.

"I don't know, but I'll protect you." I said.


"Well, I'm a teenage agent, and Paul called my boss and said that someone tried to break into your hotel rooms. And when police checked through the hotel's video surveillance, so they saw that it was professional killer who tried to break through. So I was send here to protect you.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL U.S.!? Liam continued.

"Because Paul didn't want me to."

"SON OF A BITCH!" Niall screamed.

We all looked over to him. He pulled out the pieces of glass that was in his leg. I walked over to Niall and helped him with the last pieces. It wasn't deep and he said that it didn't hurt so much. After that I turned to the other boys and started to talk.

"I understand if you don't trust me, but I'm on your side. And if I wanted to kill you, would you already be dead. Sorry, but It's true." The boys laughed.

"Who is with me?" I asked.

"Okay, we're with you. But how are we gonna get out from here?"

I lay down under the bed and pulled out the guns. They all looked shocked at me.

"With this" I said.


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