Save you tonight

Sarah is 18 and from England. Her parents died when she was little. Since then she has been trained by a secret organization to become a teenage agent. When she gets the mission to take care of the boy band One Direction, everything goes wrong. Can she deal with her ​​feelings for Harry? And most importantly, can she save their lives?


9. The row.

Harry's point.


I followed the boys and but stopped in the middle of the apartment to look around me. The people had ruined my entire home! The sofas we sat in a few minutes ago was shattered, there was glass all over the floor, the furniture was broken, and it was full of bullets from the guns in the walls. I couldn't stand see it anymore, so I went into the closet and closed the door.

"What happened between you and Lexi" Liam looked me in the eyes.

"We kissed"

"I know something was going on between you guys!" Niall almost screamed.

"Shut up Niall, someone might hear us!"


"You really liked her, didn't you?" Liam continued.

"Yes I did and maybe something would happen between us. But it's too late now."

"Never say never" Niall sang.

"Yeah, it's never too late man. She might survive."

"But no thanks to us!" I said angry "We are five cowards who let a girl die to protect ourselves!"

"So what do you think we should do!?" Zayn screamed.

"Save her, your dumb ass!"

"Calm your tits!" Louis said angry

We looked over at him in the little, dark room.

"Sorry" we said quietly.

"If you want to save her life, that's what we're going to do."

"Thanks man...."

Was he the last thing I said, before we heard someone break up the front door.


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