Save you tonight

Sarah is 18 and from England. Her parents died when she was little. Since then she has been trained by a secret organization to become a teenage agent. When she gets the mission to take care of the boy band One Direction, everything goes wrong. Can she deal with her ​​feelings for Harry? And most importantly, can she save their lives?


4. My first day with the guys.

Harry's point.


She was so beautiful, with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

"We're so sorry for falling asleep before you come last night." Louis said.

"It's okay, Paul showed me to my room."

"Good, so what are we gonna do?" Liam asked

"Eat breakfast?" Niall suggested.

I was suddenly aware of the pancake I was about to fry. It was burned and stuck to the pan.

"Can we have breakfast out somewhere?" I said.

Everybody looked at me, before they started laughing.


Sarah's point.

We went to a breakfast resturant some blocks away from Louis' and Harry's apartment. We all took pancakes, and the boys asked some questions about me.

"Do you have any job?" Zayn said.

"No, not at the moment" I answered.

"I wanted to be a teacher, if I wasn't a singer" Louis said.

They started to talk about what they wanted to be when they where younger.

I found it hard to concentrate on what they said, while I looked around to see anything suspicious. Nothing happend, and when we got back to Louis and Harry's we spent the whole day talking and watching movies. Liam thought we would see all the Toy Story movies, so we did. I lay down in Harry's lap, and he started playing with my hair. When the films ended, was my braid completely destroyed.

"I think I'm gonna go home now" Zayn said

I looked at my clock and it was already 1AM.

"Yeah, me too" Niall and Liam said.

They gave me a group hug and then went home.

"I'm going to bed now" Louis said before he walked over to his bedroom.

Both me and Harry stand up and I said a quick "Goodnight" before I turned around.

"Wait" Harry turned me back to him and pressed me against his chest, before he leaned down and kissed me.


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