Save you tonight

Sarah is 18 and from England. Her parents died when she was little. Since then she has been trained by a secret organization to become a teenage agent. When she gets the mission to take care of the boy band One Direction, everything goes wrong. Can she deal with her ​​feelings for Harry? And most importantly, can she save their lives?


2. From Liverpool to London.

sarah's point


I sat on the night train from Liverpool to London, and read through the information I had received about the mission. My new name is now Lexi York, I'm 17 years old and from Liverpool. My parents names are Julian and Mary York, and I'm their only child. It also says that One Direction are in london, and working on their new album. And that Paul has fixed so I'm gonna live with Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles in their apartment.

"Next stop, London" I heard.

I put down all the information in my purse, and got ready to go of the train.


When I got off the train I walked out of the station and looked around to see where Paul was.

"Lexi York.....?" Someone behind me asked. I turned around and saw Paul standing there.

"Yeah, thats me" I said.

"I'll drive you to Louis' and Harry's apartment." He said with a smile on his face. I smiled back.

"Good, then we have time to talk."

I walked after him to a black car, and he helped me to put my luggage in the trunk before we got into the car. Paul started the car and drove away from the station.

"I got this package from your boss Johnny, he wanted me to give it to you"

Paul gave me a brown package with a card on. I opened the card and began to read. - Use them in emergencies - I squeezed the package and realized what it was. Guns.

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