Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


11. ☆☆☆☆☆

I woke up freezing… why am I so cold in summer? I shook Liam and he woke up slowly.

“Are you ok love, you look… really sick?” I shook my head quickly.

“I-I’m freezing!” Liam pulled me on to his lap and laid down pulling the covers over us. He hugged me tightly. “I’ll be right back love.” I kissed his nose and ran to my closet and put on this: [polyvore] “Now I am warm!” Liam laughed and rolled over in bed.

“I’m going to go back to sleep for a bit.” I nodded and looked at the clock.. 4am !? “Wake me up at 4:30, we have to be on the bus at 5. We are going to San Antonio, TX.” Liam said sleepily. I started freaking out and doing this crazy dance. “Babe, what are doing?”

“That’s where Austin Mahone lives!” Ok, so… this might sound strange, but I love Austin Mahone. Yes I know he is 16, but it’s only 2 years younger than me! I love this kid’s voice, like I wish he was my little brother. I ran downstairs and placed my laptop on my lap, logging onto twitter.

@Sydney_Horan: so, Liam just told me our next stop is San Antonio, TX… just had a huge fan girl moment because that is where @AustinMahone lives.

I started answering a few tweets here and there when I saw one from Austin.

@AustinMahone: so, Alex just showed me @Sydney_Horan ‘s tweet… just had a legit fan guy moment. (:

@Sydney_Horan: @AustinMahone ok, so thank god you’re a fan of me, or I was going to go all obsessed fan and find you in Texas…

@AustinMahone: @Sydney_Horan and I would’ve been perfectly fine with that… I’ll DM you my number. Text me when you get down, kay?(:

@Sydney_Horan: @AustinMahone okie dokie… oh and warning, when I meet you I will scream and attack you into a huge hug… oh! Make sure Alex is over omfg double fan girl moment.

Soon all the boys had the bus packed and we were on our way. I was snuggled with Liam on the little couch area.

“I can’t wait to meet Austin Mahone!” I yelled, yet again. Liam rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. He started typing away, but soon mine beeped.

@Real_Liam_Payne: @AustinMahone so Sydney is freaking out and won’t shut up about meeting you… getting jealous little dude haha @Sydney_Horan

@Sydney_Horan: Awww is the little Liam jealous?! (; @Real_Liam_Payne

I kissed Liam’s jawline and he smiled.

“I think you missed love, let’s try again.” He winked and kissed me hungrily.

“Hey guys wanna go to na- whoa, ok, going back to the beds.” Niall quickly ran back I smiled yet didn’t break away. Liam licked my bottom lip and I gladly let him in. He hands glided up my hoodie as mine ran through his hair. I never knew Liam was like this.

“Get some Liam!” Zayn chanted, Liam flipped him off causing me to giggle.

“Zayn, leave.” Zayn put his hands up in surrender and went back to playing xbox with the boys. “Now, where were we?” Liam winked. I kissed his neck, sucking on it a bit leaving a tiny mark. He did the same to me, causing a moan to escape from my lips.

“NO SEX ON THE BUS! NEW RULE!” Louis screamed. I sighed and rest my face in front of Liam’s.

“We can finish later.” I rested my head on Liam’s chest.

“I am holding that one against you.” He winked.

“I love you.” He wrapped his arms around me tighter, I was still freezing.

“I love you too baby, know why don’t you take a nap, you woke up really early.” As if on cue I yawned and softly fell asleep.


*Liam’s POV*

“Guys, I have an idea, we get Austin and his friend to come on the bus and wake Sydney up for us, imagine her reaction!” They all agreed and we went on twitter and DM’ed him about it. Soon they were both on the bus. We introduced our selves and pointed to Sydney.

*Sydney’s POV*

“Hey, Sydney, wake up.” I slowly opened my eyes and saw…. AUSTIN MAHONE AND ALEX CONSTANCIO!

“Y-you’re Austin and Al- uh um Alex.” I was pretty much shaking. They both nodded. “AHHHH!” I screamed super loud and attacked them into hugs. “I can’t believe it!” I wouldn’t let go.

“Syd, let go.” Harry pulled me off him and sat me on the sofa and sat on top of me so I would stay.

“So, Austin, while Sydney was sleeping we watched your video’s and they are really good.. I was wondering if maybe you would want to tour with us and be our opening act? We already told Simon and he agrees completely and your friend can come as well.” Liam explained, I couldn’t hold it in. I pushed Harry off of me and attacked Liam into a hug.

“You got Austin Mahone to tour with us, and Alex Constancio, omg I love you so much!” I squeezed him like crazy.

“I would love to guys, this is amazing! Would you like to come to my home and explain to my mom and all?” Louis nodded and we all followed him to his house.

“This is the house they do the Austreams in!” I started freaking again, squeezing Liam’s hand so tight.

“Babe… babe… my hand!” I let go a bit and shot him a smile.

“S-Sorry Liam.”

“It’s ok, you can make up for it later… I’m still holding it against you.” He winked and we walked inside.

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