Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


9. ☆☆☆☆☆

I woke up and Harry was still sleeping. I sat up and went on twitter. @Sydney_Horan: most things happen for a reason…:/ @Sydney_Horan: 4 more days and I can be uncuffed from this curly haired freak: @Harry_Styles Before my computer froze from all the mentions I went on tumblr. Tumblr is my obsession. I can spend hours re-doing my blog.  

“Good morning.” Harry sat up and put his head on my shoulder. “What are you doing?”  

“Sitting here on tumblr with a very annoying boy on my shoulder.”  

“Tumblr girls are hot.”  

“Yeah, they make myself esteem low.”  


“They’re beautiful and skinny and yeah.”  

“You’re better than them.”  

“Don’t lie Harold.”  

“I’m not.”  

“Whatever. You’re lucky I can’t walk away from you.” I got up and pulled him down stairs. “Good morning Niall!” I screamed in his ear. He was the most drunk last night.  

“I hate you.” He growled at me as I took a seat on the couch. He came over and sat on my lap.  

“Oh no you sat on me- EW NIALL DID YOU JUST FART ON ME!?” I pushed him off and hid my face in Harry’s shirt taking in his smell. “It smells so bad!” I mumbled in his shirt.  

“Niall, did you fart!? It smells so bad!” I took my face out of Harry’s shirt.  

“Hey Zayn!” He shot me a nice smile and sat on the couch. Soon Lou joined us. “Where’s Liam?”  

“Danielle’s. Sydney, can you make me food?!”  

“No. One, you just farted on me, and two I’m attached to sleepy beauty over here.” Harry was snoring loudly beside me.  

“Wake him up!” I rolled my eyes and shook Harry.  

“Harold get up.” He moaned and rolled over making me roll over top of him. “Harry, you’re attached to someone, you know that right?” He moaned again all of his curls fell in front of his face.  

“Ok, well we will be in the kitchen waiting for you two to make the food.” Everyone walked into the kitchen bickering over what we were going to have. I moved so that I was right near Harry’s ear.  

“Harold, please get up?” I said softly, my hot breath gave him chills I could see it.  

“Have to do better than that love.” Harry moved again so now I’m on top of him. I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips. He kissed back instantly; I smiled knowing he was awake. I pulled away and he pouted.  

“Last time I wake you up like that.”  

“That’s what you think.”  

“Perv.” I got up and pulled him to the kitchen. Niall started cheering. “What do you want to eat?” I got a chorus of yelling. “Ok, rock, paper, scissors, go.” I watched them cheat and get mad. “I’m making eggs!” They all turned around and whined. “It’s the easiest thing to make while attached to someone so shut up.” They all shut up and I took all the ingredient out which was hard since Harry doesn’t move. I gave the boys their food and had to practically sit on top of Harry while he ate. They cuffed me to his dominate hand… smart move Lou.  

“I’m home!” Liam walked into the kitchen. I just looked down the whole time. “We didn’t miss you.” Niall mumbled. “I’M JUST KIDDING!” Niall flew out of his seat and hugged Liam.  

“Niam is defiantly real.” I mumbled making Harry chuckle lightly. I guess he heard me.  

“What was that love.” Why is Liam being all… happy?  

“Nothing, I-I’m going up stairs.” I shook my head and kept it down. “Let’s go Harry.” He followed behind me. I walked into my room and fell on the bed and cried into my pillow. “Why is he so happy!?”  

“He has Danielle now. Why aren’t you happy, I mean you have me… right?” He laid down next to me and moved my hair out of my face and wiped my tears.  

“Right, but I just need someone to fill my heart, Liam left a pretty big hole.”  

“I think me and my hair can fit perfectly.” I giggled as Harry did his hair flip, so hot! “Sydney, will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled and smash my lips with his. He lightly licked my bottom lip; I let him in letting the sparks fly. I pulled away and ran my hand through his hair. “Is that a yes?” I nodded quickly letting a blush creep on to my cheeks. “Syd, why did you make out with me at the club?”  

“Well, I was just going to get you mad about me chasing away the girl, but then she made us kiss then you were being your flirty self and going along with it and yeah.”  

“Told you I was a flirt.” He winked and I rolled my eyes.  

“I’m tired.”  

“I’m not.”  

“Well, I’m going to sleep so shut up.”  

“I’ll just go on tumblr and look at all the girls and see how much prettier you are compared to them.”  

“You’re not going to get lucky Styles so shut it.”

“Just go to sleep.”


I woke up and Harry was on my phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” I nodded slowly and saw his phone about to fall out of his front pocket.

“Fine, I’ll do ‘nothing’ on your phone!” I grabbed his phone and went on to twitter and I saw what he was doing the timeline was filled with tweets from me.

@Sydney_Horan: Harry Styles is amazing and I love him sooo much.

@Sydney_Horan: Have you ever seen Harry’s curls?! Can someone say HOT!?

@Sydney_Horan: I Sydney Horan love Harry Styles with all my heart.

I decided to do the same with his twitter…

@Harry_Styles: Sydney Horan = best.person.ever.

@Harry_Styles: Sydney is hotter than ANY tumblr girl.

@Harry_Styles: Yes…It’s true. I have an obsession for Sydney Horan.

“Yes, it is true I am sooo obsessed over you.” Harry rolled over and he was laying on top of me.

“Get off curly.” I wiggled and made him flip back over. “How are we supposed to tell the boys about us?”

“Like this love.” He pulled my down stairs and stood in front of the TV. “We’re dating.”

“You already moved on?” I looked up and Liam’s eyes were filled with hurt.

“You moved on and we were still dating!”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“You were at Danielle’s last night, you told me that you had most more feelings for Danielle!”

“I was drunk!”

“You say all your feelings when drunk, true feelings.” A tear slipped down my cheek. “Zayn unlock us. Now.” Zayn put his hands up and reached in his pocket pulling out the key and undoing it. I ran up the stairs and turned around to look at Liam. “I really did think I could trust you. Liam Payne. I hate you!” I was bawling my eyes out making it blurry to see. I ran into my room locking the door behind me.

*Niall’s POV*

“Shit!” I ran upstairs when someone pulled me back down. “Lou let go.”

“Just let her relax.” I shook my head.

“No, I can’t! Sydney s-she used to cut ok. She had a really bad time with this boy and she never wanted to trust any one ever again so she cut. She let Liam in her heart knowing he wouldn’t hurt her, he did. When she walked away from that boy she said the same thing she just said to Liam. Now let go before she kills her self!” Lou let go and I ran to her door banging and kicking. “SYDNEY PLEASE!”

*Sydney’s POV*

“I KNEW I SHOULD’NT HAVE LET HIM NIALL! ALL BOYS ARE THE SAME! I CAN NEVER TRUST ONE!” I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a razor.

“Sydney, listen first please.” I brought it to my wrist shaking like crazy. “Please.” Niall’s voice was shaky and he sounded like he was crying. I dropped the razor and opened the door. Niall hugged me tight. “D-did you do it?”

“No, because there is one boy I will always love, one I can always trust, and that’s my brother.” Niall smiled lightly before hugging me again. “I love you Niall.”

“I love you too Sydney, please don’t ever try to do that ever again. You will always have me.”

“You’re the only one I am close with. I mean yeah I have a best friend, but you’re closer, Greg I feel as if he isn’t even my brother.” I started crying harder.

“What about Zayn love, he is just like another brother?”

“Z-Zayn too, I just want to trust Harry, but I-I don’t think I can. Imagine all the hate I will get from moving on to Harry!

“Sydney stop, you’re fine, come on back down stairs. Zayn looks worried as does everyone else.” I nodded and followed behind Niall still shaking from crying.

“Sydney, are you ok?” Zayn got off the couch and hugged me. Zayn is just like another Niall to me.

“I’m fine, thank you Zayn.” He grabbed my hand and I sat down next to him and Niall on the couch. I pulled out my phone and went through my twitter mentions. Hate everywhere.

“No.” Niall pulled my phone out of my hands and put it in his pocket.

“Niall, give me the phone.”

“No, you’re reading the hate.”

“BECAUSE IT’S TRUE NIALL!” I flew off the couch. “They’re right, I’m ugly, a slut and deserve to die!” I fell to my knees and just cried. Tonight just wasn’t a good day.

“Baby, relax.” Harry picked me up bridal style and sat between Niall and Zayn and sat me on his lap. I soaked his shirt. “Don’t ever say that, Sydney you are beautiful.”

“You’re not a slut love, we both moved on.” Liam smiled at me and sat on the edge of the couch next to Niall.

“You defiantly don’t deserve to die, nobody does. Don’t let the hate get to you love.” Louis smiled cheekily at me and sat on Zayn’s lap causing me to giggle a bit.

“Smile.” I shook my head. “Come on.” Harry begged.

“I’ll fart on you.” I started laughed at my brother’s randomness. “There we go.”

“I love you guys, I really do.” I hugged each on of them. “Now how about we order Nando’s, eat some carrots, watch Toy Story!”

“That is why we love you.”


We were half way through the second Toy Story and my eyes were getting heavy.

“I’m going to bed, night everyone!” I smiled and waved and went to my room and collapsed on the bed. I snuggled under the blanket and tried to fall alseep, but I couldn’t I didn’t have Liam next to me. You have Harry Sydney, Liam liked Danielle not you. I sighed and sat up pulling my laptop in front of me. I went on Skype and got a call from Trysha right away.

“Hi Trysha! We miss you like crazy!”

“Hi Syd! So Niall texted me about tonight… you ok?” I nodded and bit my lip.

“Just dandy.”

“You know if you ever need me I’m here, and if you don’t want to talk to Niall, talk to Lou or Zayn they are good with that stuff.” I nodded.

“I know I will, want me to go get Niall?”

“Yeah and get Harry too!” I nodded slowly, Harry?” I walked to my door and screamed their names. Soon both boys appeared at my door. “Trysha needs you.” I point to the screen and Niall jumped on top of me.

“Hey baby, I miss you!”

“I miss you too Nialler!”

“Trysh, your boyfriend farted on me today it was gross.

“I just did again.” He smiled like a little kid.

“NIALL!” I pushed him off me making him land on the floor. “Harry come over here.” I patting the spot next to me, but he just shook his head. “Harold. Edward. Styles.” He sighed and sat next to me. Trysha glared at him and he just looked at his hands. “Well um I’m going to go to bed now.” My eyes flickered between Trysha and the screen. “Bye miss you!” I hung up and laid down. “Haz whats wrong?” He looked at me and shook his head and slid under the covers with me.

“Trysha is mad that I moved on so quickly. I told Ally I have a girlfriend, but erm I uh-“

“Spit it out!”

“But I didn’t tell her it was you.”


“If Ally and Trysha are pissed about that imagine if they find out you’re the one I’m dating! I will be ruining a friendship!”

“Harry, relax.” I laid my head on his chest his heart was racing fast. He was really nervous. “Relax Haz!”

“I-I’m trying.” Soon I just fell asleep.


I woke up and checked my phone I had 3 text messages from Ally.

Way to be a best friend. How do you break up with one guy then date his best mate two days later, especially if he is your bestfriend’s ex who she still loves! Thanks Sydney… great best friend you are.

Oh so now you won’t answer my texts. You know you’re a slut. What if I was locking lips with Liam huh!? I bet you would be pretty mad because you still LOVE him. Harry is just a rebound. Whats next moving on to Zayn!? I don’t even know why we were best friends.


Tear rolled down my cheek. I just feel like everyone will be happy without me. Harry wasn’t in bed. I walked over to the razor and brought it my wrist. Blood pouring out. I grabbed a rag and tried to stop the bleeding. I treated the cuts and put my bracelets on to cover them.

“Good morning love!” Harry pecked my lips and I smiled.

“Why is there blood on your wrist?” Zayn was about to grabbed my wrist when I yanked it away and put it behind my back. I guess they weren’t done bleeding.

“Sydney let us see.” Louis said sternly as they all walked towards me. I started running and soon I was thrown over someone shoulder. Someone grabbed my arm I wiggled and squirmed but it was no use.

“Why?” Was all Liam said when Niall put me down. I handed him my phone and the texts from Ally were up. He read them aloud so the others could hear as well.

“I just think everyone will be happier if I wasn’t here. I can’t go back to Ireland, I live right next door to Ally and Trysha and Greg doesn’t talk to me like Niall does.”

“Sydney, all of us are happy, you don’t need to go home to Ireland, you’re coming on tour with us. This is where you live now. We’re your family. Now you are under watch for 5 days just to make sure you aren’t reading hate or causing self-harm. Got it?” I nodded and Niall grabbed my hand. “Good, now I will help you pack. Liam you watch her tomorrow, Harry you get Sunday along with nights, then Lou, Zayn and then I will do the last day. Now come on.” Niall pulled me up the stairs and sat on my bed burning holes in the back of my head while I packed.

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