Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


8. ☆☆☆☆☆

“I’m boreeeed.” Niall whined from besides me. “Let’s play truth or dare, everyone in a circle!” We all moaned and joined a circle in the middle of the living room.

“I’m first!” Louis screamed. “Ok, Sydney truth or dare love?”

“Uh, dare.”

“I dare you to let us hand cuff you to Harry-“

“Ok.” I interrupted him quickly.

“Wait, I need to finish! For a whole week and if you don’t you have to break up with Liam.” Louis smirked evilly.

“I hate you. Go get the handcuffs.” Lou got up and ran upstairs. “The things I do for you.” I glared at Liam.

“I love you.” He pecked my lips, soon it got pretty heated up.

“GUYS STOP MY EYES!” Zayn yelped. I pulled away blushing. Soon Lou joined us and clipped the hang cuffs on. “Lou give me the key, you will lose it.”

“True.” He handed Zayn the key and the game went on. Soon it was midnight.

“I’m going to bed, night!” I stood up but flung right back down into Harry’s lap. He dangled his arm in front of my face. “Ugh, how are we supposed to sleep!?” Liam let me sleep with Harry, Liam slept on the floor.

“Uh Sydney?”

“What Harold?”

“I have to pee.”


“Come on.” We went into the bathroom. “How do we do this?”

“Ok, I’ll turn around and you do the rest.”

“Finished.” He headed for the door and I pulled him back and pointed to the sink.

“Wash ‘em.”


“SYDNEY WAKE UP!” I rolled off the bed starlded and landed on Liam then Harry landed on me. Liam and I were face to face.

“Hi love.” Liam kissed me softly.

“Ok, no not going to happened.”

“SHUT IT CURLY!” I rolled off Liam and he helped me stand up. “Thank god you guys have the week off.”


We decided to go to the club tonight. Good idea Harold, so smart. -.- I put on this: [polyvore] you don’t even want to know how I got it on. Good thing Olivia and Megan were here. We were dancing and making the handcuff thing work. The ugly blonde orange slut that Harry has been making out with was whispering in his ear.

“Liam, can I mess with her? Please!?” He nodded and everyone watched. She never noticed our hands. “Who are you?” I gave her a dirty look.

“Brittney, who are you? She scoffed. “Harry who is she?!”

“Harry’s girlfriend, who he loves so much, look he even handcuffed us together!”

“I don’t believe you are dating. If you are then make out.” I looked at Liam then at Harry. They were all drunk.

“DO IT!” Li and Ni screamed. I shrugged and pulled Harry’s lips to mine. I let him in right away. I felt every kind of sparkle possible. I pulled away before Harry went too far. He went for my lips once again, but I put a hand on his chest.

“Whoa calm down curly, we will finish later.” I winked and looked back at the blonde Bridget? No no Brittney yeah that’s her name.

“Sounds good sexy.” Harry’s husky British voice just gave me the chills. Wait, was he going along with this!? The blonde walked away and I pulled Harry over to Olivia she was in the quiet area of the club.

“Liv I have a problem!” Harry looked at me so I whispered it in her ear. “Ok so you saw that right?” She nodded. “Ok well I felt a lot of sparks. I-I think I am falling for him, but Liam and I don’t know.”

“Ok so I have to tell you something.”


“Turn around love.” I turned around and saw Liam and his ex girlfriend Danielle making out! I ran out of the club bawling. I stopped and Harry smacked right into my back.

“Come on, let’s go home.” Harry started walking, but I pulled him back.

“Did you feel the spark?” He nodded and came closer.

“Why did you think I went back for more?” I giggled and looked into his eyes. “Sydney would you li-“

I shook my head quickly, “Harry not yet, for now let’s just be friends.”

“Friends with benefits?” I shook my head. “I was just kidding love.”

“I-I just want to go home.” I looked down at my shoes. We stared walking when I heard my name being called. I spun around and saw Liam… holding Danielle’s hand.

“Uh, Sydney I-I have been meaning to tell you about this. I still have feelings for Danielle and they are way to strong and I-“

“He likes me better.” Danielle butt in. I started walking toward her when the handcuffs made me stay back.

“You are so lucky I am handcuffs to this sexy, curly haired, British boy!” I yelled. She scoffed and Liam was suddenly interested in the ground. “Liam James Payne… I never thought you would hurt me, but you did. Actually I am kinda glad you did, well I mean I still kinda love you, but it made me realized when I first met you I fell in love with Harry, but Niall made a rule. So actually, thank you Liam.” I kissed his cheek and walked home with Harry. I changed into a superman t shirt and shorts: [polyvore] I threw my straight hair into a crazy bun and fell asleep awkwardly in Harry’s arms. 4 more days…

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