Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


6. ☆☆☆☆☆

They had to get so many pictures done soon I just fell alseep. *Liam’s POV* “So lads, I was thinking since Ally and Trysha have to go home soon, maybe we can all go out to a nice dinner then to the club?” I shrugged at Niall’s idea. “Sounds good, Zayn and Lou, invite Megan and Olivia." i slipped on my basketball shorts and sneakers. I walked out of the dressing room and saw Sydney snuggling in a ball on the little couch. I walked over and sat on her side. “Liam get off.” She rolled over so I was sitting on her back. “Are you calling me fat?” She giggled and shook her head. He giggle gives me butterflies. I got off her and she sat up and I plopped down next to her waiting for the lads to get done. “We’re going to dinner then to the club.” “Did Niall make that idea.” She looked up at me and I nodded slowly. “I swear that boy hates me… I get really bad after like two drinks.” I chuckled and shook my head. “Can’t wait to see a drunk Sydney.” I winked and she hit my arm playfully. I took her hand and intertwined out fingers together. “Liam, did you know you’re a wonderful singer?” I looked down, her blue eyes twinkling. “Thank you love.” I pecked her lips and she sighed leaning her head on my shoulder. “Liam, you’re not going to leave or hurt me… right?” I shook my head and smiled. “Never.” She nodded and yawned. “Good.” I smiled and the boys all piled out of the room. They took like 20 minutes. “Sorry, Niall doesn’t know how to put on pants and a shirt.” Zayn rolled his eyes as he held the dor open for us. “Shut up Zayn.” Niall glared at him then hopped in the back seat. “Niall relax, he is messing with you.” Sydney plopped on his lap waiting for me to get in. Niall rolled his eys and looked out the window. “Mr. Grumpy pants…” We all chuckled and she got back on to my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she snuggled into my chest. “You smell really good.” “Erm, thanks babe?” “Liam wait until you see this girl drunk. Last time I took her to the pub sh-“ “Niall shut the fuck up.” She growled. “Damn Ni, she’s got your potty mouth.” Louis giggled. “Come on Sydney let us hear!” She sighed and nodded in my chest. “She said ok.” “Alright, it was our last night in Ireland so we went to the pub. Sydney had two drinks and was done. I carried her out of the pub and we went home. When we got to the end of the drive way and I put her down. I walked inside and went right to bed. The next morning my mom came storming into my room and was freaking out because my sister wasn’t home. Then my dad yelled that he found her. She fell when she started walked and she couldn’t get up so she fell asleep on the lawn.” **this actually happened to one of my brother’s friends. Him and his brother went home and his brother fell and couldn’t get up cuz he was so bad and he was calling his brother to help him but he was already sleeping so he just fell asleep under his mom’s car** All the boys started laughing and I just sat there and I kiss the top of her head, it was funny, but I wasn’t going to laugh at her. “She also gets really bad hangovers, Li shes all yours.” I shrugged and kissed her lips. “I gotcha babe, I’ll take of you all day.” We pulled up to the house and went inside to get ready. We told Ally and Trysha and we have to pick up Olivia and Megan on our way. After 30 minutes all of the boys were ready after another 20 minutes the girls were. I put my arm around Sydney’s waist and she put hers around my neck. She tood on her tippy toes and kissed my nose. “Baby, you look beauitful.” She looked down and blushed. I lifted up her chin and looked right in her eyes. “Don’t look down when you blush, its cute.” She blushed again and giggled. We took the other car which has 3 rows of seats instead of 2. We picked up Olivia and Megan. (Zayn and Lou's GF) Sydney and Olivia got along right away. Dinner was fun, well except for the waitres that kept hitting on me. Sydney soon told her off and she stopped. We walked into the club and he eyes and got big and she smiled a mile wide. “I love this song! Li come dance babe!” She pulled me to the dance floor and started dancing like any other girl would dance like in a club. The song was over and she grabbed my hands and smiled “Liiiam?” “That’s me!” “Can you get me a drink, please?” I nodded. “Be quick!” I nodded and again and walked over to the bar. I stopped and talked to the lads and their girls as I passed them one by one. I ordered the drinks and headed back to the dance floor, where I left Syndey. I looked over and saw a guy grab Sydney’s waist and smash his lips with hers. I put my drinks down and rushed over and pulled the guy off her. “Dude, really!? Did you not feel her push you away, she’s mine go find someone else!” He put his hands up in surrender and walked away. “L-liam I’m sorry I tried to get away but her wouldn’t let me!” I pulled her to my chest and hushed her. “It felt so weird, they weren’t your lips.” “I know baby, relax, I saw the whole thing, you’re fine.” Soon she was back to her normal self dancing away, but this time she was drunk. “Sydney, you need to head home, come on.” “But liiiiiiam!” “Lets.Go.” She stopped her foot and walked over to Harry. “Harry, Liam is being mean and I saying I have to leave!” She slurred her words and almost fell, but Lou caught her. “Sydney, Liam is right.” “Fine.” I grabbed her hand and walked home from the club. She was cracking jokes slurring her words, and wobbling on her heels. Soon we got home and I gave her a tshirt to wear. She put it on and got into her bed. “Liam stay.” I gave in and laid down next to her. She laid on top of me and looked into my eyes. Soon she crashed her lips on to mine. She kissed back hungrily she let me in and turned it into a make out session. He hands slid up my shirt and unbuttoned it making it fall off my body. “Liam, I want you.” I shook my head and laid her back down next to me. “No you don’t babe, you’re just drunk.” “I really do Liam.” She kissed my neck and I shook my head again. “But I’ll wait, I want my first time to be good, and with you.” Her first time…?! “Alright, go to sleep baby.” I played with her hair and she laid her head on my bare chest. “Liam, I love you.” She’s just drunk Li… but they do say drunks let out their feelings. “I really do.” “I-I love you too Sydney.” “Good, good.” She yawned and soon I heard soft snores escape from her mouth.



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