Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


5. ☆☆☆☆☆

I slowly woke up to Liam sleepling quietly, his arms wrapped tightly around me. I kissed his nose and it scrunched up. “Good morning sleepy head.” He opened his eyes, I must say they made me melt. “Good morning beautiful.” He pecked my lips and pulled me closer to him. “What’s planned for today?” “Erm, studio all day, wanna come?” “Ehh, seems boring.” Liam came closer so are noes we touching and we were bothing laying on out sides. “Please?” He gave me the puppy dog face and he just looked adoarable. Niall use to get me with it everytime, I did too, our blue eyes topped it off. “Fine, just for you.” He pecked my lips and smiled. “Thanks love.” “Yeah yeah, I need a shower.” “Yeah you smell.” I slapped his arm playfully. “I’m just kidding babe, I’ll go start some tea and wear something comfy.” He slipped out of the room. I grabbed black sweat pants and a bright blue tank top along with blue flip flops. I took a nice shower and kept the conditioner in longer so it was soft. I jumped out of the shower and noticed that I forgot my towel in my room… good thing my room is right across from the bathroom. I opened the door and peeked to see if anyone was there. I sprinted to my room and shut the door hoping no body saw me. “Saw that Sydney, and I must say you got dat, cake cake cake.” Harry walked away chuckling. Of course out of all people the perv of the band had to see me… wonderful. When did Ally and him even get home? I just hope he doesn’t tell Liam or Niall oh god Niall would kill him. I quickly wrapped the towel around me while I dryed my hair. I put on my outfit and striaghtened my hair. I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs. Harry was on the sofa along with Lou, he winked at me and I just rolled my eyes and blushed. Zayn, Liam and Niall are in the kitchen. I hopped up on the counter and dangled my feet. “Where are the girls?” “Well, we let them sleep, only you are coming, Ally and Trysha don’t wont too, they will meet us for dinner later.” Zayn informed me. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” “Liam gave me the puppy dog face, I have to.” He chuckled and poured him self some ceral. Niall walked over and grabbed my cheeks and squished them together so I looked like a fish. “Good morning.” “Good morning Niall.” Yet it kinda sounded like: doof ornig wiall. “Did you know if you lick someones elbow when they aren’t paying attention they don’t feel it?” I shook my head slowly at my brother’s random fact. Soon he licked my whole elbow. “NIALL THAT IS GROSS!” “Aww, you felt it.” “Dumb ass, of course I felt it I was paying attention!” I rolled my eyes and Liam walked over and stood between my legs. “Hi Liam.” “Do I not get a kiss?” I shook my head and smirked and I did the same thing Niall did to me and squeezed his cheeks. “You make a cute fish.” I giggled as liam made his eyes really big and pertneded to be one. I let go and he kissed my cheek. “We have an interview today as well. You can just stay backstage if you want.” “Guys lets go!” Lou called out from the living room. Liam put his hands on my waist and I put mine on his shoulders and he picked me up off the counter. He intertwined out fingers and we walked to the car. I had to sit on Liam’s lap. We pulled up to a huge studio. “Studio for an hour then interview then a photoshoot.” Liam whispered in my ear as we waited to be let into the recording room. Soon we were let in and I just watched the boys sing away. I must say Niall has a beautiful voice and I wish it was heard more. I went on twitter and checked my mentions… there was one tweet that stood out the most, two actually. @1dlover2: I love one direction, well except @Niallofficial. He is ugly and can’t sing at all. His teeth are messed up and he doesn’t deserve to be in the band, I would hat eto be his twin sister @Sydney_Horan sucks. @Sydney_Horan: @1dlover2 actually I love being @NiallOfficial ‘s twin. He is amazing, talented and beautiful. He is the best brother any one could ever ask for he is perfect and his voice is amazing. Niall is sweet, loving, and hungry, but that want makes Niall, Niall and I don’t ever want him to change. He does deserve to be in the band haters like you make my brother the boy he is today. You arent a true directioner if you say ‘I love them all except…’ The next tweet was a nice tweet, it made my day. @HoranLover: you can tell @Sydney_Horan is @NiallOfficial ‘s twin, they are both beautiful, and their eyes are amazing! <33 I love them both so much (: I felt someone hug me super tight. I spun around and met eyes that looked exactly like mine. Soon I was embraced into another hug. “I love you so much.” “I love you too?” Niall pulled away and smiled. “I saw the tweet you sent that hater, do you really mean all those things you said?” “Of course I do Nialler, you’re my brother, I love you so much, your voice is amazing, you that cute little bubbly boy you always were for 18 years and I never want you to change. You’re perfect Niall, don’t listen to them ok?” He nodded, I didn’t even notice the other boys joined us. Zayn put his arm around Niall. “Yeah Niall, you deserve to be in the band, dude your voice is like an angel’s.” they was a chourse of ‘yeah’s and everyone joined in for a group hug. “I’m hungry…” “Me too..” “Horan twins are hungry, goin to Nando’s!” Harry chuckled we went to Nando’s really quick then wen tto the Chatty Man interview. I love this show! “Please welcome, One Direction!” The boys walked down the stairs smiling and waving. “So Liam, I hear you are dating Niall’s twin sister, correct?” Liam nodded and blushed a bit. “I also here she is with us today, would she want to come on out.” I saw Niall and Liam smirk at eachother and nodded. “Of course she will, come on out here Sydney!” My eyes got huge and I shook my head and Niall nodded back. “Li, go get her.” “Come on baby, please?” I shook my head. Liam put his hand on my chin and made me look up at him. “For me?” He made the inresiable puppy dog face. I sighed and nodded. He smiled and kissed my head. “Please wlecome, Sydney Horan!” Niall said in his annoucer voice. “You are beautiful, and those eyes, just like your brother’s!” I smiled and thank him as I sat on Liam’s lap. “You two are so cute!” I blushed and Liam kissed my cheek. He contiued to talk to the boys about girlfirends and stuff like that, I must say he was hilarious. “Ok, before we go I have to have a dance of with you lads and Sydney.” We all agreed and stood around a round rug. “Horan’s first.” Niall and I got in the middle and did an Irish dance. “Go my little leprachaun!” Liam cheered out and I started cracking up. “You know what they say Liam, they’re magicly delicious!” I started dying. All the boys went and I must say he won. “Now, before we go, one question, Niall you dyed your hair blonde, why is Sydney’s hair blonde and not brown?” “Well, we loved looking alike so she wanted to bleach her hair so I did it was well!” We took a few pictures and headed off to the photoshoot. I sat there and made funny faces behind the photographer so the boys laughed and smiled.

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