Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


4. ☆☆☆☆☆

I put my face in my pillow and let out a scream of excitement. I felt Ally turn. “Liam ask you on a date?” “Yup.” “Knew it.” She turned back around and we both fall alseep. “Syndeeeeey.” Of course, first thing I wake up to is Niall whining. “You are so annoying!” I streched and Niall stared at me. “What Niall?” “I want breakfast.” “Then go make it.” “Eh, too lazy.” “Then get Trysha to do it!” he shook his head. “Nah, you make better pancakes.” “No.” I slide out of bed and slid on my fuzzy slippers. “Erm, Sydney… can you make us pancakes?” I looked over at Liam who was standing at the door. “Of course, be down in a minute.” “thank you.” “HEY! We share the same blood!” “Wah?” He glared at me. “Fine.” “YAY!” He skipped out of my room. I shook my head. I grabbed: [polyvore] I jumped in the shower. I let my hair stay wet and I went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen where I saw Niall laying on the Island staring at the ceiling. Harry on the table doing the same. Liam was lying next to Niall, the others were sitting around Harry. I walked in and slapped Liam and Niall’s stomachs . They both groaned. “Good morning to you too.” The both sat up and sat on the edge and watched me make the pancakes. “He want that… cake cake cake cake cake.” I sang out loud. The word cake always makes me sing that song. “Liam wants the cake.” Niall slapped my bum. “Right Liam?” “Ha-ha, shut up Niall.” I blushed and contuied cooking. “Harry wants some of Ally’s cake, right Hazza?” Louis laughed. “All day, every day Lou.” Harry winked at Ally. “Too bad the only cake you are going to get is this one.” Ally grabbed a pancake and plopped it on Harry’s face. “I must say, being a directioner and all, Louis has the nicest bum.” Ally smirked. “Oh ya!” Louis started cheering. I felt two arms rap around my waist. “Be ready by 5 tonight, and dress fancy.” Liam’s husky British accent gave me the chills. “Sounds good.” “Liam stop distracting her, I’m hungry!” Zayn whined. “He want that Pan cake cake cake cake.” Trysha spoke up we all started cracking up. “That is why I love you Trysha, you are so quiet, but when you speak you’re hilarious!” Everyone dug in and I walked into my room and started to sing some of the boys’ songs. I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t feel like listening to ‘cake’ jokes. “Hey girl hey, so we are taking you shopping for your date tonight! Well I am Trysha has to hang out with Niall so Zayn is going to tag along.” Ally plopped down next to me on the bed. “Uh, ok, leggo.” I slipped on flip flops and went to the car. I drove to the mall. “Ok so Liam said it was fancy, correct?” I nodded and Zayn brought me into a store. Ally and Zayn picked out the cutest outfit ever! It was fancy yet simple. We went out to a little lunch then when back home. “Alright, I’ll do your hair and makeup. Go get dressed!” Ally stuffed the bag in my hands and pushed me into my room. I slid on my dress and ran into my room. Ally did my makeup lightly and curled my hair. I slipped on my shoes and threw everything in my purse. [polyvore] Zayn walked in and his jaw dropped. “You look amazing Sydney, Liam is going to die when he sees you… go get ‘em tiger!” He kissed my cheek and I walked down the hall when someone grabbed my arm. “Sydney, you look beautiful.” I fell into a hug and squeezed him super tight. “Thanks Nialler, love ya bud.” I ruffled his hair and went down stairs. Liam looked… amazing. “Y-you look absolutely stunning.” I blushed a bit. “Thank you Liam, you look very handsome tonight.” He grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. “Where are we going?” “Dinner then somewhere else.” He had one hand on the wheel and the other on my hand. “Is it is a secret?” “Yup” he popped the ‘p’. “Li, I don’t like surprises!” “Oh well.” “Liaaaaaaaaam.” I stopped. “Oh god I sound like Niall.” He started laughing and we pulled up to this fancy Italian restaurant. He ran around to my side of the car and opened my door. “Thank you Liam.” We walked inside and the place was amazing. “Ah, Mr. Payne I see you brought a pretty lady instead of Mr. Horan.” I giggled a bit. “This is Miss. Horan.” Liam slipped his hand around my waist. “Niall’s wife?!” I quickly shook my head. “No, I’m Niall’s twin sister.” “Oh, very pretty, well this way.” I smiled at Liam and walked to our table. Liam pulled out my chair. “What would you like to drink?” “Can I have an ice tea please?” “Water will be fine, thank you.” The waiter smiled at Liam then me and walked away. We ate our food and had a wonderful time. “Syd, I don’t know if you notice this, but that lad over there keeps staring at you.” I looked over and this boy was staring at me I made eye contact and he winked. “Liam, kiss me.” “Huh?” “Just do it.” “Don’t have to tell me twice.” We both leaned over the table and our lips crashed. I felt instant sparks and butterflies. We got a little more into it then pulled away. “That was amazing.” “Agreed. Now let’s get going to the surprise, well it isn’t much.” We drove a long time until we pulled up to a beach. I slid off my heals and sunk into the sand. “Sydney… I know this is sudden, but I have strong feelings for you and uh, will you be my girlfriend?” “Of course Liam.” He picked me up and spun me around. “Wanna go for a walk along the water?” “Sounds good love.” Liam intertwined our fingers and we swung our arms back and farther walking along the water. We starting messing around and I pushed Liam into the water. He chased after me, he grabbed my waist from behind, lifted me up and spun me around. *Ally’ POV* Wow… everyone left me… Niall and Trysha are watching a movie in Niall’s room, Lou and Zayn went to play Xbox and I don’t know where Harry went… “Hi Ally!” found him. “Watcha doing?” Harry plopped right next to me. “Nothing much just on twitter.” “What’s your twitter name I will follow you!” “Erm, Allygator25.” “Done.” My phone dinged twice. @Harry_Styles: Follow this lovely lady, @allygator25 (; @allygator25: thanks boo (; @Harry_Styles “You know you’re going to get hate now, correct?” I just shrugged and put my head on Harry’s lap looking up at him. “I called you boo, what are they going to do tell me to die and say I’m ugly?” He looked down at me and laughed. “Probably, but don’t worry, you’re beautiful and don’t need to die.” “Thanks love, oh and the little winks we used won’t help the fact.” He chuckled and looked into my eyes. I sat up and sat on his lap facing him. “This won’t either.” He winked and started leaning in. holy shit Harry Styles is about to kiss me, ok, just relax Ally. He’s getting closer, kiss him! Our lips smashed together and it felt perfect. He put his hand on the back of my neck and deepen the kiss. I ran my hand threw his tangled curls. “Hey Haz wanna- wow ok going back up stairs.” We didn’t pull away knowing it was only Lou. Soon he pulled away. “That was amazing.” I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Ally, I know we just met an all, but I don’t wanna lose you to a different British lad, so, will you be my girlfriend?” “Of course.” He smiled and kissed my nose. I yawned and rested my head on his shoulder. “Wanna go to bed?” “Harry… how? Zayn and Lou have taken over the guest room and when Sydney comes back with her lover they will probably sleep in her room.” He nodded and thought for a second. “Come over to my flat!” “Ok, let me go get ch-“ “No, you can wear some of my clothes.” “Ok sounds well.” I left Sydney a note so she didn’t flip out. Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. *Trysha’s POV* “Niall, its ok, it’s just a movie.” “I know but, he could’ve fit on that door, it was big enough for the both of them, she was just erm mean!” Right now Niall is bawling his eyes out at titanic…real manly Niall. “Niall, relax.” I played with his hair softly. “I’m hungry.” “Of course you are.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled a bit. “Wanna do a twitcam?” “No, wait for Liam because last time you did one for like 5 minutes then turned it off…” “You watched that one?” “Of course, I missed you!” We heard the front door shut and Niall flew downstairs. I got up and followed behind. “SYDNEY!” Niall attacked her into a huge hug. “Niall?” “Yeah?” “Why are you hugging me?” “I missed you and your sandwiches.” “Oh thanks Niall love ya too.” She pushed Niall off and I just laughed. “Do you guys wanna do a twit cam with us?” I smiled since Niall completely forgot. “Yes!” they both exclaimed. “Let us go change first.” Liam ran upstairs with Sydney close behind. Niall and I grabbed a bag of crisps and went back to his room to set up the video. Sydney came back in with super short soffee shorts and a white tank top on and her hair now straight. Liam walked in with just basketball shorts on. I must say this boy was tan and fit… Liam sat on the bed and Sydney sat on his lap. “Your shorts are too short, your bum is hanging out love.” Niall looked at Sydney. “Oh well dad.” He scoffed and turned on the webcam. *Liam’s POV* I rapped my arms around Sydney’s waist… I hope the fans are nice to both of the girls. “Ello everyone!” Niall smiled brightly. “This is my sister Sydney and my girlfriend Trysha, but you already know both of them. Oh and Liam!” Both girls waved. “Sydney is also my girlfriend.” I gulped hoping no mean comments come up. Of course there were… I could tell Sydney was reading them because her eyes softened. I saw a tear go down her cheek she ran out of the room bawling. Trysha chased after her. “Guys, please be nice. She is my girlfriend and makes me happy. She is also Niall’s sister… hurting her will hurt Niall. She is his twin and it’s tuff to see a sibling hurt.” Niall nodded and he looked pretty upset. “She is beautiful, she doesn’t deserve to die, and she isn’t a whore or a slut. She does deserve to be my girlfriend and Niall’s sister. As a matter of face they look a lot alike, so next time you want to call her ugly that’s like calling Nialler ugly, and we all know Niall isn’t ugly.” Trysha came walking back in… alone. “Erm, Niall she said she wants you.” Niall nodded he knew she was going to want to talk to him. I said bye and turned off the twit cam. *Niall’s POV* “Sydney?” I walked in and laid next to her on her bed. She put her face in my chest and kept on crying. “Sydney, don’t listen to them.” I played with her hair, which always calms her down. Whenever she was upset she would only talk to me. Never my mom or Greg no body, only me. I used to do the same thing with her when I was upset. I let her calm down and talk when she is ready. “Niall… did they really mean those things?” “I don’t know love, but what I do know is none of it is true.” “They said I didn’t deserve to be in Liam’s arms… they said I was ugly!” “You are not ugly, you look just like me so we all know you’re hot.” She slapped my chest playfully. She started laughing. “That’s the laugh I know.” She smiled at me, her blue eyes twinkling. “You do deserve Liam, he is probably passing back and forth right now going ‘grrrrrrrr’” She scrunched her eyebrows together. “Grrr?” I slowly nodded. “Yeah, when he is mad he just grrs.” She started laughing again. “Thank you Niall.” “You’re welcome Sydney.” “I love you.” She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. “I love you too.” I kissed her head. “Can you make me a sandwich?” “God damn it Niall, we were having a perfect twin moment and you had to ask for a sandwich… but of course cause I am starving!” I chuckled and we both got up. “Sandwich making contest?” “Sandwich making contest.” She smirked and sprinted downstairs. Soon Trysha helped me with mine and Liam helped Trysha with hers. The point of this contest was the biggest and best sandwich. WE make it for each other so we can taste them. “Erm, Niall?” “Yeah?” “I took a bit of the sandwich, I was just too hungry.” “Oh god you really are e the same person!” Liam laughed. “Yes we are!” We said at the same time.

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