Love At First Site - Liam Payne Love Story

She is Niall's twin sister... but what if she falls for his best mate?


3. ☆☆☆☆☆

I slid into the driver’s seat and Liam slid in next to me.

“So, Niall didn’t get a license, but you did?” I nodded.

“Yup, Niall thought it would be a good idea for me to drive him everywhere so then my parents didn’t have to buy 3 cars. Just two for Greg and I.”

“Oh Niall and his ideas… so are you coming on tour with us love?”

“Yes sir!” It was quiet for a bit when Liam’s phone went off. I took a quick glance at the screen. It was Lou. I could hear the conversation through the phone.

*Liam is blue and Lou is red*


Ok so we all know you like Sydney, and Niall doesn’t mind sooo ask her out!

Lou… no. We just met!


In a few days.

Whatever loser.



“Sorry about that.”

“It’s ok.” My favorite song, good time, came on, I couldn’t help but sing. Soon the song was over.

“You’re amazing!”

“I wouldn’t say I’m amazing…”

“You should sing at one of our concerts!” I shook my head; I get stage fright, that’s why Niall

did X-Factor, not me.

“I-I have stage fright.” Liam nodded slowly and we pulled up to Nando’s.

“Aw, Syd, it’s not that bad.” Liam put his arm around me.

“It is I couldn’t even do X-Factor, but Niall could so he got noticed. He goes on tours and is on

every magazine and girls wall, and I sit on my bed play the guitar and sing. I will never be

compared to Niall. All because of my stupid fear!” I started to cry. Liam pulled me into his

chest and rubbed my back. I buried my face into his chest soaking his shirt.

“You have a beautiful voice Sydney, and actually I was wondering when we got back to your flat

maybe you can sing and play a song for just me?” I looked up into his chocolate brown eyes and


“Thank you Liam.” I hugged him really tight. “Now let’s go get the food before we get a call that

Niall is dying.” I pulled away and he grabbed my hand as we walked into the Nando’s. We got

our food and went home.


“FINALLY! Took you love birds long enough.” Niall threw his arms in the air. I looked up at

Liam and started blushing like crazy. We all ate around the table, it was a fun meal.

“Erm Liam…” I pointed up stairs and he nodded. We got up and walked upstairs.

“USE PROTECTION YOU TWO!” Zayn called up the stairs.

“Shut it Zayn!” I giggled a bit and we walked into my room closing the door behind me. I

grabbed my guitar and tuned it.

“Um, I’ll sing fall by Justin Bieber.” He nodded and plopped himself across from me on my

bed. “Well let me tell you a story-“ I soon finished and I heard cheering from behind the door. I

flew off the bed and opened the door and all the boys fell in and Liam started cracking up. “Did

you just hear me sing?” They all got up and nodded.

“Liam told us to listen, you’re amazing!” Harry exclaimed sliding into my room.

“Liam!” He shrugged and giggled a bit.

“You’re amazing, and you said you wanted to be heard just like Niall, but can’t because you

have stage fright, so I hid your audience.” I smiled and hugged him really tight.

“Thank you Liam.” He nodded.

“No problem beautiful.” He whispered it in my ear and I started blushing like crazy. Soon we

headed down stairs to watch a few films.

**few days later**

“I can’t wait to meet her!” Harry jumped in his seat.

“Hurt her and I will hurt you, got it Styles?” He gulped and nodded.

“I can’t wait to see Sydney.” Niall fell back on the couch.

“I can’t wait to ask her how much money you are paying her to go out with you.” Zayn laughed.

*ding dong *

“THEY’RE HERE!” I jumped and ran to the door. I opened it and embraced them into a huge

group hug.

“I love group hugs!” Soon Louis was in the hug as well.

“Who doesn’t!?” Soon we were all hugging at the front door.

“Boys. Off.” They all let go and we went inside.


“TRYSHA!” Niall picked her up and spun her around and kissed her lips softly, they were so


“ALLY GATOR!” I attacked her into a huge hug.

“Hey, you’re that Ally girl I met on skype, the one Harry thinks is super beautiful!” Louis

pointed at Ally. Harry’s face was RED.

“He…erm…uh..” Harry stuttered and looked at the ground. We both just laughed. I helped the

Girls unpack in the empty drawers in my room. There was a slight knock at the door.

“Come in Liam!” The girls looked at me weirdly.

“How did you know it was Liam?” Trysha asked she folded more clothes.

“They all come to my door differently.” They nodded. Its true, Liam knocks lightly, Zayn goes

“Sydney, its Zayn.” Louis knocks then says “ITS YOUR BESTFRIEND!”, Niall goes “Sydneeeeeey,” or just comes right in and Harry knocked and goes “Erm, Sydney?”

“Hey, um, Sydney, I was wondering if you girls wanted to come down stairs and play some truth

or dare with the boys and I.

“Sounds fun, come on!” Ally sprinted out the door. We laughed and followed behind Liam. We

all sat in a circle.

“Sydney you’re first.” I nodded and looked around at everyone.

“Harold, truth or dare?” He looked alittle surprised that I picked him.


“I dare you to… kiss Ally.” Both of their eyes got big. He shrugged and pecked her lips. She

cupped her hands over her mouth and mouthed out ‘I love you’ I laughed a bit.

“Ok, Sydney, truth or dare.” Harry smirked.

“Uh, dare.”

“I dare you to kiss Liam.” This time he smirked was a devilish smirk. I looked at Liam and

Shrugged. I connected our lips and felt instant sparks it was crazy. I put my hand on the side of

his face and he put his on the back of my neck. “I SAID KISS NOT MAKE OUT!” We pulled

away quickly and contuied with the game. Soon we got tired and we let the boys stay over the

night. Trysha slept in Niall’s room because he wanted to cuddle. Ally slept in my bed with me,

relax, we are best friends! She was going to sleep in the guest bedroom, but the boys took it over.

*2:00 am*

I slowly opened my eyes and slid out of bed, I need a drink. I walked down stairs and flicked on

the kitchen lights.

“Hi Sydney.” I jumped out of my skin and turned around to see Liam leaning against the door

Frame with just plaid pajama bottoms on. He was FIT! “Sorry about scaring you.”

“It’s ok Liam.”

“Um, I wanted to ask you something, but not in front of everyone..”

“What is it?”

“Um well that kiss was amazing…” I nodded quickly. “So I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner tomorrow night, just me and you?” I nodded and he shot me the heart melting smile. “Goodnight love.” He kissed my head and walked upstairs. I started dancing like crazy and did a silent scream.

“Liam ask you out for a date?” I looked up quickly and saw Louis standing there. I nodded and blushed. “He just did the same thing in the hallway. I laughed.

“Night Lou.” I kissed his cheek and ran back to bed.

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