sun shine rain

Tiffany rain knows what she wants: the best clothes, the best grades, the best house, the best voice and the best boyfriend. She has the perfect life. She's top of her class, her teachers love her, her friend are in awe of her, he family adores her. Year nine is a new year. Nothing could go wrong. Right?

Henry's a ginger brainiac, he thinks Tiffany is big headed and pompous. He knows what he wants: a scholarship to the best school, a new calculator and for kids his age to show a little maturity. His an individual with a flared jeans and a bad taste in music. Year nine is just another boring year . Right?


3. The science lesson from hell.

It was not my  fault that I had to take double science. Actually, it was nearly triple science, until I accidentally set my year 8 chemistry teacher alight: mother decided it wouldn't present a good image for the family if I killed someone.  It was also not my fault that my teacher was Mr Lee. The most Stubborn, children hating, god-forsaken troll-like teacher in the school. And it was defiantly not my fault I was sat next to Henry Hobbs. So it was almost certainly not my fault that I now had an after-school detention with him. So there.

I don't have any of my friends with me in science as I was put in top set and had too leave Sandy in bottom because she was too far away too copy. So I just assumed I'd hook up with one of the dorky guys and get them to do all of my homework for me. And, yea Henry Hobbs is dorky. But so not the guy you could copy homework from.

It's not like I have anything against dorks. I mean,I'd been brought up to believe status is everything. But the whole cool/un-cool divide is ridiculous. On the first day of year seven I even approached him. I was nervous and innocent. My mum ad convinced me to wear my skirt shorter and mascara but I felt like a clown. And there he was, cheeky, cute and well, I'll admit it- sexy. Ugh. I hate it but I can't deny it. He looks like he just rolled out of bed. His flaming red hair the furthest from dorky you could imagine. He looks dangerous. Confident.

It took all my courge too aproach him, in a lesson... I hadn't even sat down and most of the seats ere taken. Every one was looking at me. I could do this I told myself. My English teacher Miss Wright was giving me a dirty look so I walked nervously over to him and pulled out a seat. Before I could sit down, e gave me the dirtiest look. "Maybe you could sit over there," He sneered pointing at sandy. 

And I made the terrible mistake of asking why. Every one listening. Me being the only one standing up. He replied arrogantly. "Your skirt is five inches too short, your mascara is smudged, your shoes are ridiculously high and you look like you have the IQ of road kill," He line, nasty, mean and intimidating... it suited him purposely. "I don't want you copying my tests," 

I blushed scarlet and my eyes  watered. Not only had I been completely humiliated, but it hurt a lot- the guy you liked calling you slutty and dumb. I felt like dirt. Like absolutely nothing. Which is why it's so important to stay away from him- the only guy to make me feel small. Now I was sitting next to him...

I don't know what I was thinking, shouting at him in the middle class. But I just kept getting angrier and angrier. Because of the way his tensed arms were making me melt and the way his hazel nut eyes were so gorgeous. And the way he just looked so damn sexy when he yelled at me. Shut up Tiffany. I should have kept it together. But he infuriated me so much and in the end all I wanted to do was kiss or kill him! And now I have another hour after school with him. Yey.

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