Luck Of The Irish - Niall Horan Love Story

Josh Devine's sister moved in with him since she is now 18 and her parents said she can live with her brother...soon she goes on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? an irish lad to be exact?


8. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

I woke up and grabbed my phone, still in Niall's arms. I had a text from an unkown number; hey, Laura can't make it, come down to the studio asap, we need you! - Chris xx "Shit." I muttered under my breath. I kissed Nialls cheek and walked into my brother and quickly got changed into this: (pretend the hair thing is a lite peachy color) I always dress nicely for work you never know what people will be there. I grabbed my camera bag off the hook that was right inside my closet near the door. I walked deeper into the closest and sprayed a bit of perfume. I did light makeup and a sparkly lipgloss. I smacked my lips together and knocked on Josh's door. "What Brooke?" He opened the door as he rubbed his eyes. "I got called into work, can you take me?" "No." He shut the door on me. "Joshhhh!" I whined as I banged on his door. "What's wrong Brooke?" I spun around and saw Harry. Trysha had gone back to her flat. He was completly naked. I ghasped and covered my eyes. "Really Harry!?" "Sorry love, it's a habbit, but why are you freaking out?" I under covered my eyes slowly. "You can drive right?" "Yup!" "Can you take me to work!? Pleeeaasseee!?" "Yeah, no problem let me go get some pants and a shirt." He walked into his room. "And shoes, and underwear!" "I know how to get dressed Brooke!" "Are you sure..? Because you don't do it very offten." Harry walke dout of his room, fully dressed and sunglasses on. He did his little hair flip thing and walked in front of me. "Ha.ha so funny, lets go." I followed him to his car and slid inside. "Hey, do you just want to stay? I only have 3 shoots today so I will be quick!" "Fine." We got out of the car and my heels clicked agaisnt the hard wood floor of the huge studio. "Your heels are annoying." "So are you and I don't complain." He smiled fakely at me as we arrived at my little room. It's where I kept all my stuff and I dressing room which holds my clients outfits for the shoot which the designer fills every day. "Who do you have to take pictures of this evening?" Harry asked he kicked his feet up on my coffee table. "Feet down." I said sternly. He held his hands up like he was getting arrested and put his feet down. "Um I dont know." I walked over to my client book, my boss fills it in every morning. I went to todays date. "Uh, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Cher Lloyd." "Cher bear! I love her!" "Mhm, whatever, can you get that?" I said pointing to the door which had a knock sound coming from it. Harry got up and opened the door. "Sup man?" "Nothing much, how are ya?" I spun around and saw Justin and Harry doing a bro hug. "Hi Justin, I'm Brooke, your photographer today." "You're hot." Justin winked. "I know right isn't she? Too bad Niall got her first." Harry sighed as he sat back on the couch. "One, I am taken and two you guys are taken too!" I kind of yelled. "Justin go in the dressing room and look for the rack with your name on it and put on outfit one." I instructed as I grabbed all the stuff I will be needing. "Harold, follow me." I walked to my photo shoot area which at this moment was just a white back drop. I placed my camera on the stand and looked around until I saw Dave. "DAVE!" He spun around and jogged over to me. Dave was another one of my bestfriends, he is a cutie too, but just friends, I promise! "I need Bieber's back drop please!" "Bieber back drop coming up love!" He walked over and unravled it over top of the white one. It was now a black drop with BELIEVE written everwhere in gold. "Thank you!" Right as we set up Justin walked out of the room. "Over here Justin!" I waved and I turned around to make sure Harry was still sitting behind me... but he wasn't. I looked around untill I saw him pigging out at the snack table. I rolled my eyes and placed my self behind the camera.  

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