Luck Of The Irish - Niall Horan Love Story

Josh Devine's sister moved in with him since she is now 18 and her parents said she can live with her brother...soon she goes on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? an irish lad to be exact?


5. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

My alarm rang in my ear and I streched, ruffling my super wavy and slightly wet hair. I grabbed a pony tail holder and put it in a messy bun along with the cheer bow. I got changed into this: [polyvore] I grabbed my cheer bag and ran down stairs. All the boys were already sitting on the couch with Josh. “Come on guys!” I jumped and ran to Josh’s car and got in the passenger seat. All the boys filled in and we pulled up to the building. I ran to our special practice room I made the boys hide in this little closet/room. Josh just sat against the wall since they met him already. Soon my whole squad was here. “Girls, I have a huge surprise for you… we have and audience.” They all cheered yet seemed confused. “Come on out boys!” They walked out the girls ran to them attacking them into hugs. “OK GIRLS GET IN YOUR CHEER LINES COME ON!” I yelled and the boys sat near Josh as they all stood clean in their lines.

“READY.” Jamie yelled and they all clapped then followed them chanting the cheer. They transitioned to their stunt groups and stood there. I ran to the front stunt group since I was allowed to be in the squad, I was flying(: I told Liam to click the play button letting the cheer music play. Soon we were finished the whole routine and we all fell to the floor.

“So One Direction, and Josh, how did we do?” Kayla smiled.

“You did amazing.” Harry smiled.

“His voice… I can’t, ovaries... GONE!” Lilly fell back onto the mat and we all started cracking up.

“Niall, say something… anything!” Miley jumped up and down.

“Erm, Hello my name is Niall Horan.” I think half of the team started fan girling like crazy.

“SOMEONE MAKE NIALL LAUGH!” Nina yelled which made all the boys start laughing. “Ok… I am with Lilly… ovaries are gone.” She fell the same way Lilly did.

“Alright girls, get a drink then we will run through it again, I was be joining this time, I want to watch. They all agreed got a super quick drink and got in line. I sat next to Niall and he slipped his arm around my waist causing me to blush.

“ARE YOU DATING NIALL!?” Olivia started freaking out and I shook my head.

“Not yet love, maybe next time you see me.” Niall winked at them then at me. I laughed and nodded at Jamie telling her to call it. I watched their cheer and rested my head on Niall’s shoulder.

“Uh, I think I broke the radio…” Liam mumbled then music started playing. “I got it Lou don’t touch it!” I giggled and the girls started. They finished and held the ending pose.

“Can we put Niall in the air?!” Molly ran up to me. I looked at Niall and his face was priceless.

“How about we show the boys how to cheer… Liam you are the back spot, Zayn and Harry are bases, Louis you are front spot and Niall can fly, oh and Josh… you can count!” They all stood up and the girls put them in their spots and showed them what to do.

“5, 6, 7, 8.. 1,2, dip 3,4 up 5,6, stand 7,8!”

“Smile Niall!” I snapped and picture.

“Cradle ready one, two.” Liam called out and they caught Niall. I laughed and Niall came up to me looking at his watch.

“Ready for our date love?” I nodded and looked at the time. They girls got picked up and said good bye to the boys. We went back to my house then boys went to their flat. I plopped on my bed uploading the picture to instagram and twitter.

@Brooke_Devine: the boys had fun today at cheerleading(: *picture*

@Brooke_Devine: date time(; <3

I rooted through my closet and found this: [polyvore] Niall said we would be doing a lot of walking. I went downstairs and Josh smiled at me.

“Happy you are wearing more clothes the usual… also happy that you picked Niall, he is so excited, he has been looking all already for his princess… and you are fan which excites him even more.” I smiled and hugged him super tight. There was a knock at the door and Josh ran to it. He did this little bro hug thing with Niall then I walked up to the door. I smiled and waved and Niall held out his arm.

“Ready love?” I nodded and hooked my arm with his.

“Bye Josh!” I walked out and looked around for a car.

“I uh, can’t drive, so I made this date super close to us.” I laughed and he intertwined his fingers with mine and we walked about 3 block and I saw a huge fair. “Ready?” I nodded and he paid for tickets… which made me mad, but we had like a 5 minutes fight in line about who was paying. We went on a few rides and he pulled me over to this game where you squirt the water in the clowns mouth.

“You’re going down Irish boy.”

“Whatever you say Devine.” We both sat down and started squirting when the bell sounded. The alarm went off and Niall won. “Umm, the big fuzzy bear please.” The girl handed him the bear and it was bigger than him. “Here you go love.” I smiled and squeezed the bear. Niall stopped walked and I spun around and stood in front of him.

“What’s wrong.”

“Brooke… I know this is fast, but… will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled and brought his lips to mine. “I’m taking that as a yes.” I giggled and he took my hand in his as we walked back to my flat.

“Niall, do you want to spend the night? I have cheerleading tomorrow and the girls would love to see you again.”

“Yeah, sounds good, good thing I am the same size as Josh!” I chuckled and we walked inside.

“Hi Joshy, Niall is staying the night, he is coming to cheer with me tomorrow.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

“Oh and we are a couple!” Josh clapped and cheered. I looked at the clock and it was 5ish.

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