Luck Of The Irish - Niall Horan Love Story

Josh Devine's sister moved in with him since she is now 18 and her parents said she can live with her brother...soon she goes on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? an irish lad to be exact?


3. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

"HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! Now go put your stuff inside and get in the car, I have practice with the band." I smiled huge at Josh then ran back and forth bringing backs in, as Josh watched. "Thanks for helping Josh." I was out of breath in the passenger seat. It wasn’t I fun day to run,

I was wearing this: [weheartit] with these shoes: [polyvore] and my hair naturally wavy and down.

“You’re welcome.” I rolled my eyes and it was silent for a bit. “I can’t believe my little baby sister is 18!” I laughed and he messed up my hair.

“Josh!” I fixed my hair and gave him a death glare.

“I guess being 18 means you wear less clothes?” I rolled my eyes at his brother-ness.

“Shut up.” I slapped his arm as he put the car in park. I jumped out of the car and crossed my arms and started walking quickly.

“Wear this.” Josh came up behind me putting a jacket on me. I wiggled it off and he caught it. “Ok, fine, but if Harry tries his moves on you I’m not telling him to back off.”

“I’m a big girl Josh, I think I can handle it.” I patted his back and he laughed. He held the door open for me and I walked in thanking him as he entered behind me. I stood there letting him pass me then began following him onto a huge stage.

“Guys, this is my sister Brooke, Brooke this is One Direction.” They just stared at me for a second until Liam held out his hand.

“Liam Payne, nice to meet you.” He smiled and I shook his hand.

“Louis Tomlinson!” I smiled and giggled a bit shaking his hand.

“I’m Zayn. Zayn Malik.” I shook his hand, his eyes are really pretty…

“I am Harry Styles, but you can call me any time.” I rolled my eyes and moved on to Niall.

“H-Hi, I’m Niall.” He smiled without his teeth.

“You can smile with your teeth Niall, I like them.” He blushed like crazy and I stepped back and stood next to Josh. “So, I get to watch you play the drums all day? Woo, best birthday.” I rolled my eyes and hopped off the stage and sat in the front row seat and decided to text Trysha.

To: Tryshha(:

Watching my brother play the drums for One Direction… best birthday ever. -.-


From: Tryshha(:

Giiirll, you get to watch ONE DIRECTION!


To: Tryshha(:

Get your butt over here then! At least I can watch them with my best friend!

“JOSH TRYSHA IS COMING HERE!” I screamed I looked up and saw Niall staring at me. I smiled and waved at him causing him to blush. After 15 minutes Trysha came bursting through the concert doors and ran to my seat.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She screamed and I attacked her into a hug. She was wearing: [weheartit] with her hair curled. We sat back down and watched the boys set up.

“Psst, Brooke come here.” I looked around and saw Zayn squatting down at the end of the stage.

“One second Trysha.” I got up and walked over to Zayn. “What’s up?”

“Do you and your friend want to come over to our flat after? We can have cake and swim for your birthday.” I nodded and smiled.

“Of course, is Josh ok with this?” He nodded in return.

“Yup, it was Nialler’s idea, he has a little crush on you.” He winked at me and shook my head.

“Yeah, I doubt it.”

“Whatever little Devine.” He messed up my hair and went back to the boys. I sighed and walked back over to Trysha.

“We are going over to the boys’ flat to have and cake and go swimming.”

“Sounds fun!” I nodded and went on to my twitter.


@Brooke_Devine: watching Josh jam out on the drums with @Tyrsha13 (: happy birthday… to me!


“Trysha, do you think Niall likes me?” She shrugged her shoulders, not taking her eyes off her phone.

“No idea love, I never met him, why? Is my best friend crushing?” He nudged me with her shoulder.

“You know Niall is my favorite, but Zayn just said that Niall has a crush on me.”

“Probably, I mean you’re beautiful Brooke.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” I went back to my phone and sent out a group message to my Cheer Squad.


Are you girls ready to beat some cheerleaders’ butts in 5 days?! Can’t wait to practice with you guys tomorrow <3 I might bring someone…(;


I got loads of texts back. The girls LOVE One Direction, every water brake we talk about them.

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