Luck Of The Irish - Niall Horan Love Story

Josh Devine's sister moved in with him since she is now 18 and her parents said she can live with her brother...soon she goes on tour with the boys, will she fall for one of them? an irish lad to be exact?


2. Meet Trysha

hi everyone My name is Trysha(: I moved here a year ago for my modeling, and I love it here in London I am asian, not British, just putting that out there my best friend is: Brooke Devine, I think she should model, but she likes cheer & photography a lot better my birthday is February 23 I like singing, song writing, all writing acutally, music, eating (yes, i am a model, but eat like a dude) one direction and food ! I dislike fake bitches, haters, unreasonable little turd faces, rude people, and mornings... I love Moments by Onedirection. Angel by Cody Simpson and A Team by Ed Sheeran yes I love One Direction, and no that is not the reason why Brooke is nmy best friend I am very cheeky and bubbly(: I joke around a lot and also have fun! I am outgoing and willing to do pretty much anything, so I guess that means I am pretty adventurous I am told I give really good advice, thats why I have started an advice channel on YouTube! My hobbies are kinda sorta stalking One Direction with Brooke. playing piano, flute, clarinet and guitar, wrting songs and writing fan fictions well, I gotta go(: bye loves !



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