The Killing Spree of Harry E. Styles & Gwen G. Sky

This story is about two young children running from a nightmare orphanage and becoming killers and killed till they grew old.


2. Would you care for more deaths?

Wel haven't you heard that ye old saying "Once you do it, You'll get hooked!" Well thats exactly what happened to these two children! By the age of twelve they were most wanted in every country. I bet your wondering how they could travel if they needed to be accompanied by and adult? Well, because of them only being children and very small they were able to stowaway and hide and kill a lot more people. These two didn't steal thought they only killed for fun and got revenge on the people that helped the people back at the orphanage and killed the people that didn't believe or help them. Once Harry and Gwen turned 14 they lived in a little cottage where no one could find then and just incase they also have a basement that was really good disguised to look like the ground. well off of that. on day a mod of people came to that place where they lived and almost caught them. they ran in time and and well... 3...2...1... BOOOOM!!!! A booby trap went off exploded bodies everywhere and so happy they were they sang and danced in the field of bodies and laughed and took the clothing of all those dead corpses.

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