The Killing Spree of Harry E. Styles & Gwen G. Sky

This story is about two young children running from a nightmare orphanage and becoming killers and killed till they grew old.


1. How they began

Well around the time of 1910 was this little group of children were brought to an old orphanage. This group of children were 5 boys they were all brothers (or at least acted like brothers). The oldest was Louis about 4 yrs old,then was Zain, Liam, and Niall they were 2 yrs old, Then last came the youngest, Harry he was a 1 yr old. Well about two weeks later came along Gwen, she was a 1 yr old as well as Harry. Well the orphanage that they were at wasn't... NICE! No not kind people they tortured the poor helpless children. well by the time Harry and Gwen were 5 they lost the 4 others cause the people at the orphanage beat them to death. Oh those two children were devastated, heart broken, and traumatized... BUT those two kids knew they weren't gonna live on without getting their revenge so they decided one night they were sneak out of bed and kill the murderers of their beloved friends and they did!

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