The Killing Spree of Harry E. Styles & Gwen G. Sky

This story is about two young children running from a nightmare orphanage and becoming killers and killed till they grew old.


3. Along in their lives of killing

Oh how those two kids grew into adults and killing and loving each other oh and don't forget the the children! Yes two  little twin girls came along in their little killing sprees  twin girls Darcy and Sally. Those girls loved tricking and killing the boys as much as they loved their psychotic parents Harry and Gwen. But one day they finally got caught in action the cops surrounding them as the two girls hiding watching their two parents get arrested and later executed but don't worry their evil souls still live as their two girls did a spell to have their parents possessed in dolls! yes what a crazy idea those girls had but again they couldn't live without their loving (but crazy) mother and father. 

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