Total Opposites - Harry Styles Love Story

Isabella's mom got a new job, she is a manager for some big boy band...Soon the boys move in with them, but what if Isabella catches Harry's eye and he doesn't want to look away..? even if they are total opposites...


2. Meeting One Direction

Ella come on the boys are going to be here in like 2 seconds!” Nick jumped up and down on my bed.

“Just a few more minutes!” I pushed him off my bed and rolled back over.

“ISABELLA GET UP!” Xavier screamed in my ear. Soon I was soaked with freezing cold water.

“YOU’RE DEAD!” They ran out of my room with me chasing after them. They ran down the hallways, down the stairs right into the kitchen. “GET OVER HERE!” I gabbed Xavier’s wrist and pulled him back and started giving him a noogy and messing up his hair, he hates that. Soon Nick was on my back trying to make me let go of Xavier. Someone started laughing and us three froze. We looked up and saw One Direction sitting on the couches. Nick slid off my back and Xavier stood up and fixed his hair.

“Why are you wet…?” The one with black hair asked, I think that’s Zayn.

“Uh, they poured water on me to wake me up.” The boys nodded slowly and laughed a bit.

“Is that why you were fighting?” Liam asked, I nodded in return.

“Um, well, I’m Isabella, but you can call me Ella and this is Xavier and Nick.” I gestured to the boy on my right then my left. They boys all introduced themselves.

“We’re going to do the same thing to her tomorrow if you wanna help us.” Nick laughed as he sat next to Harry. He was cute and I mean REALLY fit. I grabbed the top of his ear and pulled it to my lips.

“Step in my room at all tomorrow and your lip ring with will be ripped out. Got it?” I whispered/said in his ear. He gulped and nodded and I let go. Xavier and Nick stayed and talked to the boys. I went to my room and picked out this: [polyvore] I put my hair up in a messy bun. I picked up scruffy off one of my bean bag chairs and carried him downstairs.

“DOGGIE!” Niall flew out of his seat and took the dog out of my arms. I chuckled and bit. The door bell rung and I sprinted to the door. Jake was here.

“I need to talk to you, NOW!” I grabbed his arm and pulled him through the living room.

“Hi Xavier, Hi Nick.” Jake waved. I stopped making Jake slam into my back.

“Jake this is Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. Boys this is my best friend Jake.”

“Hi!” Jake waved and smiled.

“Now let’s go.” I pulled him all the way to my room and shut the door. “I fancy Harry.” I blurted out.

“You just met the kid!”

I sighed and fell onto my bed. “I know, but he is just so fit, but I doubt he fancies me. I mean look at me, plus this morning they saw me drenched, giving Xavier a noogy and Nick on my back.”

“You guys need to stop fighting, oh and you’re beautiful” Jake laughed.


“So are you going to flirt with Harry or just sit in your room like a loser?” I rolled my eyes and grabbed my laptop and phone.

“Come on Jake.” I walked downstairs and took the spot between Harry and Lou. I opened up my laptop and logged on to twitter.

“You have a twitter?” Louis asked from beside me.

“Yup, its @EllaBella.” Soon I had 5 new followers. “Thanks guys.” Harry grabbed my laptop and put it on his lap.

“Lou hold her down!” Louis sat on top of me. I squirmed and kicked.

“Tickle her!” Jake and Xavier yelled. My eyes got huge.


“I won’t, here I’m done.” Lou got off me and Harry gave me back my laptop.

@EllaBella: I love @NiallOfficial so much. He is just amazing and I am so happy to be living with him!

@EllaBella: @Real_Liam_Payne is the best person to ever walk the planet.

@EllaBella: @LouisTomlinson is the carrot king and I bow down to him and his carrot minions.

@EllaBella: @ZaynMalik is amazing and has the 2cd best hair after Harry’s

@EllaBella: I think @Harry_Styles is soooooooo hot, his hair is like… HEAVEN!

I giggled reading the tweets he tweeted then I saw my mentions… hate every other tweet. I tried so hard not to break down and cry, as you know I don’t take hate very well. I took a big breath and shut my laptop.

“Um, Ella are you alright?” Liam asked nicely, I shook my head. I went to my ‘get away’ room. Why did they say all those mean things, they don’t even know me.

“Babe I have to go, listen talk to the boys, just don’t do it ok?” Jake smiled as I nodded. “Text me!”

“Bye!” He shut the door and I cuddled under my fuzzy purple blankets and closed my eyes. I heard the door creak open. “Who is it?”

“Zayn,” I turned around and Zayn was standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Come over here.” I scooted over and patted the spot next to me. He kicked off his shoes and sat next to me.

“What’s wrong love?” I sighed lightly.

“Harry posted those tweets, and I could care less, but my mentions were just filled with hate.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, I don’t take hate well, my dad died of cancer and after that I was bullied in school. I would come home and cut, one day I cut too deep and had to go to the hospital. That made me notice that I don’t want to die, just because they think that doesn’t mean other people do too, so I got these tattoos.” I held out my wrist and Zayn looked at each one closely then lightly traced my scars. “I have this one too.” I pointed to my collar bone.”

“I refuse to sink… I like that one.”

“Thank you Zayn.”

“You’re welcome, and if you ever have hate again come to me, I’ll talk to you about it, and so will the other boys, just think of us as your brothers.”

“Sound good.”

“I have a question, do you like Harry?”

“Maybe...” I started blushing like crazy.

“He is a cheeky lad, but he defiantly likes you back. He is pretty worried out there.” I smiled. “I like it in here, really calm and relaxing, but it’s freezing!”

“I know, I make it really cold in here with those fans, it’s more relaxing when it’s cold and you can cuddle under a blanket.”

“I gotcha, well you ready to come out?”

“Actually, I might take a nap, but tell the twins to show you to your rooms and around the house.”

“Ok see you later!” I waved and he disappeared out the door, closing it behind him. I laid back down and fell right to sleep.

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