Total Opposites - Harry Styles Love Story

Isabella's mom got a new job, she is a manager for some big boy band...Soon the boys move in with them, but what if Isabella catches Harry's eye and he doesn't want to look away..? even if they are total opposites...


1. Meet Isabella Young (:

Hi loves(: My name is Isabella, but i perfere Ella thats me in the picture... please dont hate . My birthday is January 4th, I am 18 years old Yes, I am fully British and I have a thick accent I am really sweet and I get hyper easy. I'm shy at first, but once I get used to you, you will love me I used to get bullied and I use to cut, but now I have tattoos on both of my wrist along with scars...

I have 2 little brothers, Xavier and Nicholas, they are twins and they are 15 years old I love them with all my heart, even though they are really annoying. My mom is a manager for this big boy band, One Direction. I've heard of them and seen them all over, but I never met them. Yes this means my mom is rich and we live in a HUGE house, but I am not a bitchy rich girl, trust me.

Oh, I forgot to tell you more things! 1. One Direction is moving in with us... the twins are super exited, I mean after my dad passed away from Cancer the boys only had themselves to 'be boys' with. 2. I have a puppy! he is the one in the picture with Xavier, his name is scruffy 5. my bestfriend's name is Jake, he is gay, but still my BEST FRIEND. I dont deal with girls and all their drama 5. I graduated high school 2 days ago so its SUMMER TIME! I feel like I talked your ear off soo bye !(:  

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