Total Opposites - Harry Styles Love Story

Isabella's mom got a new job, she is a manager for some big boy band...Soon the boys move in with them, but what if Isabella catches Harry's eye and he doesn't want to look away..? even if they are total opposites...


6. J-Justin Bieber!?

*Ella’s POV* Scruffy wiggled out of my grip; I opened my eyes and saw all the boys staring at me. “Uh, hi?” Louis waved awkwardly. “Why were you all staring at me?” They all looked at each other waiting for someone to answer. “So we could do this!” Louis came running at me and jumped on me. “LOU!” Soon they were all on top of me. “I’m bored.” “Well I’m squished so join the club Niall.” “That’s the thing, we love having a week off, but we don’t know what to do with our selves!” Liam whined. “Uh, what are you guys doing?” I turned my head and saw my mom staring at us with McDonald’s bags in her hands. “FOOD!” They all got off me and attacked my mom into a huge hug. “I love you so much Lisa.” “I love you too Niall, now go eat.” She handed Nick and Harry a bag and they all ran to the kitchen. “Did you have a good day Bella?” My mom smiled and sat next to me. “Yes I did, and guess what!” I bounced on the couch and smiled really big. “What?” “Harry asked me out on a date, and I actually said yes!” My mom smiled really big and hugged me. “I’m glad love; I knew these boys will change you.” She gave me a tight side hug and kissed my head. “Now go eat before they eat it for you.” I giggled and skipped into the kitchen. I looked around and saw all the seats at the table were taken. I sighed grabbed a burger and some fries and put them on the island. I poured myself some ice tea and plopped down on the seat and ate by myself. “Ella, do you want to join us?” Louis asked nicely. I just shook my head and sipped my ice tea out of my favorite cup. It’s the only cup I will use… no idea why. I’m used to be alone… the boys continued eating and sitting at the table laughing away. “Do you want to go to Milkshake City with us love?” I spun the chair around and met Harry’s beautiful eyes. “S-sure, but it’s only like 5...” Harry nodded slowly and laughed. “We will have a moving night after!” I smiled and he took my hand. Lou drove us and fans were everywhere. Ok, so I am super claustrophobic and if I am around too many people like that I can’t breathe. “Um, I’ll stay in the car.” They all looked at me with confused faces. “She doesn’t like being crowded, she is claustrophobic.” Nick explained. They all nodded and got out of the car. “What do you want?” Harry smiled his amazing smile. “Umm, chocolate milkshake.” I slightly smiled and he left me alone in the car. The screams got worse as the boys made their way to the door of the place. Someone knocked on the window; I looked over and saw a girl holding a note. I rolled down my window and she handed it to me. “Do you mind trying to get the boys to read this..?” I nodded and started to roll back up the window. “EWW, you actually like here?! She is ugly.” I sighed and rested my head on the back of the seat. I don’t get why everyone hates me. I’m surprised the boys don’t hate me. It’s just everyone I meet instantly hates me. Did I do something to any of them?! I haven’t talked to Jake since the day at the party… probably because he was laughing along with everyone else. I just wish I could call Harry mine, he is amazing, but we are total opposites, I mean he is famous, beautiful, fit, flirty and can get... anyone really. I am just an ugly, loser who nobody likes. A tear slipped down my cheek as the car door opened. I quickly wiped it away and smiled a hurt smile. I quietly looked out the window, sipping my drink. “Oh, uh this girl wanted you guys to read this.” I handed them the paper and looked back out the window. We pulled back up to the house and I got right out of the car. I walked in and my mom was sitting on the couch with Justin fricken Bieber right next to her. I froze in my tracks. “Hi, I’m Justin…Bieber and your mom did not tell me you were beautiful.” He winked and shook my hand. I was probably as red as a tomato. “I-I’m Isabella, but you can call me Ella.” He smiled and nodded. I didn’t even notice the boys were all on the couch now. Justin sat down taking the last open spot. “Uh, I’ll go get a chair from the kitchen.” I felt someone grab my wrist, making me fall onto their lap. “Non-sense, this spot is open.” Justin smiled. I smiled back and turned around, my back leaning on Justin’s chest. Justin Bieber’s chest! Oh god, fangirling… I looked at Harry and he looked, jealous. “So, boys, we are deciding on having Justin Bieber and One Direction make a song together. So that means Justin will be staying here as well for a few weeks so we can record and all that sounds good?” My mom looked around at all the boys who were nodding. “Sounds amazing, I can see Bella every day.” Justin kissed my cheek making me a legit strawberry. You could see the steam coming out of Harry’s ears. I don’t know why, I like harry not Justin, well I mean it looks and seems like I do, but I can’t help my blushing! Yeah, Justin is a celebrity crush, but I think I might like Harry a lot more. He just seems like the one. “So, do to this two boys need to room together.” “We have an extra bed in our room mom!” Xavier screamed in my ear. My mom nodded and played with her ear, trying to show that he hurt her ear as well. I giggled as she did so and made a funny face. “Your giggle is adorable!” Justin smiled; I thanked him and looked at Harry. He looked at me with sad eyes, so I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. Harry laughed and made a face back. I put up my finger meaning one second and pulled out my phone. I laid my legs across Xavier and my mom’s laps and rest my back on the arm of the couch so Justin couldn’t see. To: Hazza (; Why are you sad? :( don’t be sad! xx He checked his phone then began typing back. From: Hazza (; Have you seen Justin…? I frowned and typed back. To: Hazza (; Aww, Harry jealous (; haha, well don’t worry, I have my eye on someone else, and he is taking me on a date tomorrow! He looked up at me and winked and I winked back… but Niall saw. He winked back and waved while batting his eyelashes. I know he was joking but I fell off Justin cracking up. “Ella, are you ok love?” I looked up at Zayn and nodded, scurrying up off the floor. “Mom, do you want to join our movie night?” She shook her head and stood up. “No thank you, I have to do a few things then I am going to bed.” She kissed my head then kissed Xavier and Nick’s cheeks, but as she walked away they wiped it off. I giggled and took her old spot, which is next to Harry and Xavier. “So, what movie first?” Liam stood up and looked around for a DVD rack. “Oh god I totally forgot! We have a theatre!” I got up and ran into the theatre room picking the chair all the way in the back. Everyone soon filled in and I have Harry and Liam next to me. “Scary movie!” Justin and Nick cheered as they slipped in The Woman in Black. “NO!” I yelled causing them to laugh and still click play. I looked at harry and he patted his lap. I smiled and gladly took the offer. I cuddled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “AHHHHHH!” I screamed so loud and hid my face in Harry shirt crying. “Bloody hell Ella, it’s a movie!” Xavier screamed up at me. “I want to go to bed.” I looked up into Harry’s big green orbs as he chuckled and carried me bridal style to my room and put me on the bed. “Stay. Please?” He nodded and took off his top... oh god this boy. He slipped off his shoes and slid into bed and pulled me close to him. He stared into my eyes then looked at my lips then back to my eyes. “C-can I try something?” I nodded, knowing what he was trying. He brought his lips to mine making my whole body explode. I ran my hand through his hair and he smiled into the kiss then pulled away. “You felt it too..?” I nodded and smiled. “I don’t get it, we are complete opposites, yet we are… in love.” “Hey, opposites attract!” “I am defiantly attracted to you alright.” Harry winked and I hid my face into his chest. “I can’t wait until the date tomorrow!” “Neither can I, where are we going?” “Not telling, but dress… fancy.” I nodded and snuggled close to him. “Good night Bella.” “Good night Haz.”

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