Total Opposites - Harry Styles Love Story

Isabella's mom got a new job, she is a manager for some big boy band...Soon the boys move in with them, but what if Isabella catches Harry's eye and he doesn't want to look away..? even if they are total opposites...


7. Clubbing !

I woke up to Harry staring at me.

“Uh, good morning Harry.”

“Good morning love, sleep well?” I nodded and push the duvet off me, but Harry pulled me back into his chest. “Stay.” I giggled and shook my head. I climbed back out of the bed and hopped in the shower. I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when there was a knock at the door. “I have to pee.”

“Fine, go ahead Haz.” I heard the door creak open. My eye started to burn… “AHH! Shampoo in my eye, burns ahhh!”

“Do you need help?”

“Umm, uh, no thanks Harry.”

“Oh come on, I will just wet a towel and rinse your eye, I will even turn off the water and give you a towel to wrap around yourself!”

“Fine.” The water soon stopped and a towel popped through the curtain. I wrapped it around my self tightly, “Ok,” Harry pushed the curtain down and stepped into the shower with me.

“Ok, open your eye.”

“I can’t it burns.” Harry chuckled and opened my eye and dropped some water into it. The burning started to fade. “It stopped.”

“Yeah, I get shampoo in my eye all the time… Lou always helps me.” I nodded slowly. “Alright, I’ll be down stairs.” Harry stepped out of the shower then slipped causing me to fall as well so I was on top of him.

“This is awkward.”

“I for one enjoy it.”

“Shut up!” I hit him playfully and scurried off of him. “Get out Harold.” He stood up and stepped out of the shower carefully this time.

“Say Harold one more time?” I shook my head and shut the curtain, and threw my towel over it so it wouldn’t get wet. I finsihed my shower and dried my hair, I did a quick fishtail braid and got dressed

( [polyvore] ) I walked downstairs and only Justin was on the couch. I jumped off the bottom step and walked over to the love seat.

“Where is everyone?” Justin just stared at the TV. “Justin, where did everyone go?” He blinked and shook his head, turning his attention to me.

“Oh, Xavier and Nick are getting ready, as are the boys oh and Harry is in the kitchen.” He went right back to watching TV.

“What are you watching?” I asked taking the seat next to him. I looked at the screen, but at the moment it was a commercial.

“Fantasy Factory, it’s the episode I am on.”

“Cool!” Harry walked into the living room and sat on the other side with me.

“You guys wanna take a picture for instagram and twitter?” Justin pulled out his phone. We all smiled and he snapped the picture.

“Wait, I like the effect!” I clicked it and he nodded in agreement. He made the caption: hanging out with @EllaBella and @Harry_Styles (: Soon the other boys joined us, except Xavier and Nick. “Uh, Niall can you go check on them?” He nodded and ran upstairs.

“I NEED ONE MORE GUY!” Lou sprinted up the stairs. The both came down with a boy over their shoulders.

“They were fighting…” I nodded already knowing that’s why they weren’t down here. * xavier and nick's outfits * [polyvore]

“You look like a little Liam!” Harry pointed to Xavier.

“You’re right mate, he does!” Liam exclaimed.

“Nick looks like a little Zayn as well!” Louis pointed out as well.

“Whoa, you’re right!” Zayn laughed. “So, I was thinking, wanna go bowling?”

“I can’t bowl.” I said quietly, but loud enough for them to hear me.

“I’ll help you love.” Harry winked and grabbed my hand, helping me off the couch. We all climbed into Justin’s car and drove to the nearest bowling alley. It was empty so I guess Liam called..?

We walked inside and I took a seat on the little sofa.

“I don’t want to play.”

“Are you sure Ella?” Nick asked nicely. I nodded and watched the boys… be boys. Soon their game was over and Xavier won. They all sat around me.

“We should go to a club tonight!” Harry exclaimed.

“YEAH!” Xavier and Nick cheered, I just rolled my eyes.

“No, you are only 15… not 18. Anyway, I don’t drink Harry.” He shrugged.

“So, just come and have fun.” I nodded and we went back to the house.

“I am going to go tan for a bit!” I called out to the boys. They were already in the video game room. I rolled my eyes and headed out back in my bathing suit and laid on the chair. I soon fell asleep.


I woke u and looked at my phone, it was 7:00pm, jeez I slept really long, oh god! I jumped off my chair and ran inside.

“Sorry guys, let me go get changed!” I ran into my room and threw on this: [polyvore] I took my hair out and straighten it quickly. My belly button ring was very noticeable. Oh well. I walk downstairs and Harry’s jaw dropped. “Everyone ready?” They all nodded and we drove away. They all went straight to the bar.

A/N heeey(: ok, so yes I know today was suppost to be Harry & Ella's date... totally forgot.

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