Total Opposites - Harry Styles Love Story

Isabella's mom got a new job, she is a manager for some big boy band...Soon the boys move in with them, but what if Isabella catches Harry's eye and he doesn't want to look away..? even if they are total opposites...


9. Big Brother Zayn

“ELLA NICK WON’T LET ME BE FIRST PLAYER!” I sighed and Harry held me tighter.

“Tell Niall to get them or something.” I shook my head, I slide out from Harry’s arms and he started whining. I rolled my eyes and walked to the video game room.

“Why do you yell for me, why not mom?”

“She isn’t home, but Nick is being a dick head because a girl fucked him over.”

“Whoa, really, no need for the cursing Xavier.” I took the controller out of Nick’s hand and Xavier’s then turned off the system. I pointed to Xavier, “You, go talk to Lou or something.” He nodded and walked out the room. “Now Nick, come with me.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him into my ‘get away’. “Talk.”

“Alright, well, this girl Bree and I were talking for a while and I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she kept on saying no and making up and accuse for it. So I shrugged it off and she invited me to this party, but I couldn’t go because you were out and I didn’t want to go actually… I wasn’t going to leave Xavier. So I told her that you weren’t home that you were out with friends and she flipped out on me saying I can never hang out and shit- I mean stuff. Last night I heard she got with my best friend and this morning on face book they are in a relationship so I texted her a huge thing and she was like; k, sorry I always like him better.” He just sat there staring at his lap.

“I’m sorry Nicky, but I have no idea what to say.” I got up and found Zayn explaining the whole thing to him he understood and walked into the ‘get away’.

*Zayn’s POV*

I walked in and Nick was staring at the wall.

“Sup little dude?” I sat next to him and he looked up at me, his eyes were red. “Aw mate don’t cry.” I put my arm around his shoulder.

“No girl likes me, they always like Xavier, the dude has a girlfriend and they have been together for a year they are so lovey dovey and I just get fucked over every time! D-don’t tell Ella I cursed.” I nodded and laughed a bit.

“I must say, you are exactly like me, you defiantly are my brother, but anyway I was just like you, when I saw a girl I liked I would talk with her until she just got tired of me not asking her out. I’ve learned that when you see a girl you like, don’t lose her, ask her on a date, then talk, go on another date or two then ask her to be your girlfriend.” He nodded.

“You’re right Zayn… thank you for being here for me, ever since my dad died it’s been hard. Ella used to never talk to us… just sit in her room or in here and ignore everyone, you kind of opened her up the day you went to talk with her, Xavier and I believe it or not are total opposites, I mean our personalities. I am more you and he is more… Lou and Niall, care free and happy all the time. When you came I knew I finally had an older brother, exactly like me, I know this is weird, but I love you Zayn, like a brother, thank you so much.” He squeezed me super tight and I ruffled his hair, hugging him back.

“I love you too Nick.” What he just told me was touching… Hopefully Lou and Niall know how much Xavier looked up to them.

“I look up to Liam too, he seems tuff yet soft like a bunny, like you!” I laughed and gave him a noogy.

“Thanks little man, now how about we go shoot some hoops?” Nick nodded and we walked to our rooms to get ready.

*Ella’s POV*

Zayn and Nick walked out the room and Zayn smiled at me then mouthed ‘all good’ I mouthed back ‘thank you’ he nodded and they went upstairs. I looked at the clock it was one!

“Haz, wake up, it’s one!” I shook him, but he didn’t move.

“Kiss me.”

“No, get up.”

“Nope.” I sighed and pecked his lips and he smiled. “Go get ready love.” I jumped off the couch and ran to my bathroom, I took a quick shower, straightened my hair then did this: [polyvore] I sat at my desk and opened up my diary… I haven’t written an entry since the boys came. I write one addressed to my dad every day pretty much.


Dear Dad,


Sorry I haven’t been writing lately… I have HUGE news. I live with One Direction now! Woo! Xavier and Nick love them… they are already calling them their big brothers… Nick even cried to Zayn and said he loved him. I wouldn’t talk to anyone after you passed away, as you know already, but something about these boys made me open up. I still miss you… a lot. Waking up to your famous French toast, the race Xavier, Nick and I had every morning to get the best piece... everything. Guess what… I have a date! With Harry Styles, he is gorgeous and just amazing; it’s like love at first sight! I wish you were here, you would love Harry, and the other boys, probably Liam the most haha, well I have to get going… I love you dad and I miss you… <3

Love, your little angel, Ella Bella (:



I quickly shut my book, slipping it into the desk drawer and walked down stairs and saw Harry looking handsome as anything.

“Harry, you look handsome.” I smiled and grabbed my hand, and kissed it.

“As do you, come on.” We walked to his car and opened the door for me and I slid in. He got on the other side and we drove off.

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